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7.13 Automated Info Docs

AutoOpts provides two templates for producing ‘.texi’ documentation. ‘agtexi-cmd.tpl’ for the invoking section, and ‘aginfo3.tpl’ for describing exported library functions and macros.

For both types of documents, the documentation level is selected by passing a ‘-DLEVEL=<level-name>’ argument to AutoGen when you build the document. (See the example invocation below.)

Two files will be produced, a ‘.texi’ file and a ‘.menu’ file. You should include the text in the ‘.menu’ file in a ‘@menu’ list, either with ‘@include’-ing it or just copying text. The ‘.texi’ file should be ‘@include’-ed where the invoking section belongs in your document.

The ‘.texi’ file will contain an introductory paragraph, a menu and a subordinate section for the invocation usage and for each documented option. The introductory paragraph is normally the boiler plate text, along the lines of:

This chapter documents the @file{AutoOpts} generated usage text
and option meanings for the @file{your-program} program.


These are the publicly exported procedures from the libname library.
Any other functions mentioned in the header file are for the private use
of the library.

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