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7.13.1 invoking info docs

Using the option definitions for an AutoOpt client program, the ‘agtexi-cmd.tpl’ template will produce texinfo text that documents the invocation of your program. The text emitted is designed to be included in the full texinfo document for your product. It is not a stand-alone document. The usage text for the autogen help/usage (‘--help’), getdefs help/usage (‘help’) and columns help/usage (‘--help’) programs, are included in this document and are all generated using this template.

If your program’s option definitions include a ‘prog-info-descrip’ section, then that text will replace the boilerplate introductory paragraph.

These files are produced by invoking the following command:

autogen -L ${prefix}/share/autogen -Tagtexi-cmd.tpl \
        -DLEVEL=section your-opts.def

Where ‘${prefix}’ is the AutoGen installation prefix and ‘your-opts.def’ is the name of your product’s option definition file.

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