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7.13.2 library info docs

The texinfo doc for libraries is derived from mostly the same information as is used for producing man pages See section library man pages. The main difference is that there is only one output file and the individual functions are referenced from a texi menu. There is also a small difference in the global attributes used:

lib_descriptionA description of the library. This text appears before the menu. If not provided, the standard boilerplate version will be inserted.
see_alsoThe SEE ALSO functionality is not supported for the ‘texinfo’ documentation, so any see_also attribute will be ignored.

These files are produced by invoking the following commands:

getdefs linenum srcfile template=aginfo3.tpl output=libexport.def \

autogen -L ${prefix}/share/autogen -DLEVEL=section libexport.def

Where ‘${prefix}’ is the AutoGen installation prefix and ‘libexport.def’ is some name that suits you.

An example of this can be seen in this document, See section libopts External Procedures.

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