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template file2.1 The Identification Definition
template file3. Template File
The Automated Program Generator5. Invoking autogen

undef2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
undef directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
using AutoOpts7.9 Using AutoOpts

while test3.6.23 WHILE - Conditionally loop over a Template Block

XDR8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling
XML to AutoGen Definiton Converter8.7 Invoking xml2ag
xml2ag8.7 Invoking xml2ag
xml2ag help8.7.1 xml2ag help/usage (‘--help’)
xml2ag-base-namebase-name option (-b).
xml2ag-corecore option (-C).
xml2ag-definedefine option (-D).
xml2ag-definitionsdefinitions option.
xml2ag-equateequate option.
xml2ag-lib-templatelib-template option (-l).
xml2ag-loop-limitloop-limit option.
xml2ag-make-depmake-dep option (-M).
xml2ag-no-fmemopenno-fmemopen option (-m).
xml2ag-outputoutput option (-O).
xml2ag-override-tploverride-tpl option (-T).
xml2ag-select-suffixselect-suffix option (-o).
xml2ag-shellshell option.
xml2ag-show-defsshow-defs option.
xml2ag-skip-suffixskip-suffix option (-s).
xml2ag-source-timesource-time option.
xml2ag-templ-dirstempl-dirs option (-L).
xml2ag-timeouttimeout option (-t).
xml2ag-tracetrace option.
xml2ag-trace-outtrace-out option.
xml2ag-undefineundefine option (-U).
xml2ag-used-definesused-defines option.
xml2ag-writablewritable option.

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