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Function Index

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Index Entry Section

*=3.5.41 ‘string-ends-eqv?’ - caseless string ending
*=*3.5.35 ‘string-contains-eqv?’ - caseless substring
*==3.5.42 ‘string-ends-with?’ - string ending
*==*3.5.36 ‘string-contains?’ - substring match
*~3.5.39 ‘string-end-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex ending
*~*3.5.46 ‘string-has-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex contains
*~~3.5.40 ‘string-end-match?’ - regex match end
*~~*3.5.47 ‘string-has-match?’ - contained regex match

=3.5.45 ‘string-eqv?’ - caseless match
=*3.5.51 ‘string-starts-eqv?’ - caseless string start
==3.5.43 ‘string-equals?’ - string matching
==*3.5.52 ‘string-starts-with?’ - string starting

~3.5.44 ‘string-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex match
~*3.5.49 ‘string-start-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex start
~~3.5.48 ‘string-match?’ - regex match
~~*3.5.50 ‘string-start-match?’ - regex match start

ag-fprintf3.4.1 ‘ag-fprintf’ - format to autogen stream
ag-function?3.4.2 ‘ag-function?’ - test for function
agpl3.5.1 ‘agpl’ - GNU Affero General Public License
ao_string_tokenize7.6.32.1 ao_string_tokenize
autogen-version3.4.58 ‘autogen-version’ - autogen version number

base-name3.4.3 ‘base-name’ - base output name
BREAK3.6.2 BREAK - Leave a FOR or WHILE macro
bsd3.5.2 ‘bsd’ - BSD Public License

c-file-line-fmt3.4.59 format file info as, “#line nn "file"
c-string3.5.3 ‘c-string’ - emit string for ANSI C
CASE3.6.3 CASE - Select one of several template blocks
chdir3.4.4 ‘chdir’ - Change current directory
CLEAR_OPT7.6.2 CLEAR_OPT( <NAME> ) - Clear Option Markings
COMMENT3.6.4 COMMENT - A block of comment to be ignored
configFileLoad7.6.32.2 configFileLoad
CONTINUE3.6.5 CONTINUE - Skip to end of a FOR or WHILE macro.
count3.4.5 ‘count’ - definition count
COUNT_OPT7.6.3 COUNT_OPT( <NAME> ) - Definition Count

DEBUG3.6.6 DEBUG - Print debug message to trace output
def-file3.4.6 ‘def-file’ - definitions file name
def-file-line3.4.7 ‘def-file-line’ - get a definition file+line number
DEFINE3.6.7 DEFINE - Define a user AutoGen macro
DESC7.6.4 DESC( <NAME> ) - Option Descriptor
DISABLE_OPT_name7.6.5 DISABLE_OPT_name - Disable an option
dne3.4.8 ‘dne’ - "Do Not Edit" warning

ELIF3.6.8 ELIF - Alternate Conditional Template Block
ELSE3.6.9 ELSE - Alternate Template Block
emit3.4.9 ‘emit’ - emit the text for each argument
emit-string-table3.4.10 ‘emit-string-table’ - output a string table
ENABLED_OPT7.6.6 ENABLED_OPT( <NAME> ) - Is Option Enabled?
ENDDEF3.6.10 ENDDEF - Ends a macro definition.
ENDFOR3.6.11 ENDFOR - Terminates the FOR function template block
ENDIF3.6.12 ENDIF - Terminate the IF Template Block
ENDWHILE3.6.13 ENDWHILE - Terminate the WHILE Template Block
error3.4.11 ‘error’ - display message and exit
error-source-line3.5.4 ‘error-source-line’ - display of file & line
ESAC3.6.14 ESAC - Terminate the CASE Template Block
exist?3.4.12 ‘exist?’ - test for value name
EXPR3.6.15 EXPR - Evaluate and emit an Expression
extract3.5.5 ‘extract’ - extract text from another file

find-file3.4.13 ‘find-file’ - locate a file in the search path
first-for?3.4.14 ‘first-for?’ - detect first iteration
FOR3.6.16 FOR - Emit a template block multiple times
for-by3.4.15 ‘for-by’ - set iteration step
for-from3.4.16 ‘for-from’ - set initial index
for-index3.4.17 ‘for-index’ - get current loop index
for-sep3.4.18 ‘for-sep’ - set loop separation string
for-to3.4.19 ‘for-to’ - set ending index
format-arg-count3.5.6 ‘format-arg-count’ - count the args to a format
found-for?3.4.20 ‘found-for?’ - is current index in list?
fprintf3.5.7 ‘fprintf’ - format to a file

get3.4.21 ‘get’ - get named value
get-c-name3.4.22 ‘get-c-name’ - get named value, mapped to C name syntax
get-down-name3.4.23 ‘get-down-name’ - get lower cased named value, mapped to C name syntax
get-up-name3.4.24 ‘get-up-name’ - get upper cased named value, mapped to C name syntax
gperf3.5.8 ‘gperf’ - perform a perfect hash function
gperf-code3.5.9 ‘gperf-code’ - emit the source of the generated gperf program
gpl3.5.10 ‘gpl’ - GNU General Public License

HAVE_OPT7.6.9 HAVE_OPT( <NAME> ) - Have this option?
hide-email3.5.11 ‘hide-email’ - convert eaddr to javascript
high-lim3.4.25 ‘high-lim’ - get highest value index
html-escape-encode3.5.12 ‘html-escape-encode’ - encode html special characters

IF3.6.17 IF - Conditionally Emit a Template Block
in?3.5.13 ‘in?’ - test for string in list
INCLUDE3.6.18 INCLUDE - Read in and emit a template block
insert-file3.4.26 ‘insert-file’ - insert the contents of a (list of) files.
insert-suspended3.4.27 ‘insert-suspended’ - insert a named suspension in current output
INVOKE3.6.19 INVOKE - Invoke a User Defined Macro
ISSEL_OPT7.6.10 ISSEL_OPT( <NAME> ) - Is Option Selected?
ISUNUSED_OPT7.6.11 ISUNUSED_OPT( <NAME> ) - Never Specified?

join3.5.14 ‘join’ - join string list with separator

kr-string3.5.15 ‘kr-string’ - emit string for K&R C

last-for?3.4.28 ‘last-for?’ - detect last iteration
len3.4.29 ‘len’ - get count of values
lgpl3.5.16 ‘lgpl’ - GNU Library General Public License
license3.5.17 ‘license’ - an arbitrary license
license-description3.5.18 ‘license-description’ - Emit a license description
license-full3.5.19 ‘license-full’ - Emit the licensing information and description
license-info3.5.20 ‘license-info’ - Emit the licensing information and copyright years
license-name3.5.21 ‘license-name’ - Emit the name of the license
low-lim3.4.30 ‘low-lim’ - get lowest value index

make-gperf3.5.22 ‘make-gperf’ - build a perfect hash function program
make-header-guard3.4.31 ‘make-header-guard’ - make self-inclusion guard
make-tmp-dir3.4.32 ‘make-tmp-dir’ - create a temporary directory
makefile-script3.5.23 ‘makefile-script’ - create makefile script
match-value?3.4.33 ‘match-value?’ - test for matching value
max3.5.24 ‘max’ - maximum value in list
max-file-time3.4.34 ‘max-file-time’ - get the maximum input file modification time
min3.5.25 ‘min’ - minimum value in list
mk-gettextable3.4.35 ‘mk-gettextable’ - print a string in a gettext-able format

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