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.3.2 Naming a value
.def file2. Definitions File
.tpl file3. Template File

Alternate Definition2.10 Alternate Definition Forms
assert2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
assert directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
Augmenting AutoGen4. Augmenting AutoGen Features
AutoEvents8.3 Automated Event Management
AutoFSM8.1 Automated Finite State Machine
autogen5. Invoking autogen
AutoGen Definition Extraction Tool8.6 Invoking getdefs
autogen help5.1 autogen help/usage (‘--help’)
autogen-base-namebase-name option (-b).
autogen-corecore option (-C).
autogen-definedefine option (-D).
autogen-definitionsdefinitions option.
autogen-equateequate option.
autogen-lib-templatelib-template option (-l).
autogen-loop-limitloop-limit option.
autogen-make-depmake-dep option (-M).
autogen-no-fmemopenno-fmemopen option (-m).
autogen-override-tploverride-tpl option (-T).
autogen-select-suffixselect-suffix option (-o).
autogen-shellshell option.
autogen-show-defsshow-defs option.
autogen-skip-suffixskip-suffix option (-s).
autogen-source-timesource-time option.
autogen-templ-dirstempl-dirs option (-L).
autogen-timeouttimeout option (-t).
autogen-tracetrace option.
autogen-trace-outtrace-out option.
autogen-undefineundefine option (-U).
autogen-used-definesused-defines option.
autogen-writablewritable option.
AutoInfo7.13 Automated Info Docs
AutoMan pages7.14 Automated Man Pages
automatic options7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
autoopts7. Automated Option Processing
autoopts7.3 Developer and User Notes
AutoOpts API7.6 Programmatic Interface
autoopts directives7.11.4 configuration file directives
AutoXDR8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling

backtrack3.2 Naming a value

Columnize Input Text8.5 Invoking columns
columns8.5 Invoking columns
columns help8.5.1 columns help/usage (‘--help’)
columns-by-columnsby-columns option.
columns-col-widthcol-width option (-w).
columns-columnscolumns option (-c).
columns-endingending option.
columns-fillfill option.
columns-first-indentfirst-indent option.
columns-formatformat option (-f).
columns-indentindent option (-I).
columns-inputinput option (-i).
columns-line-separationline-separation option.
columns-separationseparation option (-S).
columns-sortsort option (-s).
columns-spreadspread option.
columns-tab-widthtab-width option.
columns-widthwidth option (-W).
comments2.7 Commenting Your Definitions
Common Option Attributes7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
compound definitions2.2 Named Definitions
concat-string2.2.8 Concatenated Strings
conditional emit3.6.17 IF - Conditionally Emit a Template Block
conditional emit3.6.23 WHILE - Conditionally loop over a Template Block
configuration file7.5.5.6 Option cannot be pre-configured
Configuration File7.10.5 Config file only example
Configuration File7.11 Configuration File Format
configuration file7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
configuration file7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
configuration file7.6.1 Data for Option Processing
configuration file7.12 AutoOpts for Shell Scripts
Configuration File example7.10.5 Config file only example
configuring6.1 Configuring AutoGen

define2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
define directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
define macro3.6.7 DEFINE - Define a user AutoGen macro
Definition Index2.3 Assigning an Index to a Definition
definitions2.2 Named Definitions
definitions file2. Definitions File
design goals1.1 The Purpose of AutoGen
directives2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
diversion3.7 Redirecting Output
documentation attributes7.5.9 Man and Info doc Attributes
Dynamic Definition Text2.4 Dynamic Text

elif2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
elif directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
else2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
else directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endif2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endif directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endmac2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endmac directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endshell2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
endshell directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
environrc7.10.4 environment variable presets
error2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
error directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
example, simple AutoGen1.2 A Simple Example
example, simple AutoOpts7.4 Quick Start
expression syntax3.3 Macro Expression Syntax

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