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Index Entry Section

optionFileLoad7.6.32.3 optionFileLoad
optionFindNextValue7.6.32.4 optionFindNextValue
optionFindValue7.6.32.5 optionFindValue
optionFree7.6.32.6 optionFree
optionGetValue7.6.32.7 optionGetValue
optionLoadLine7.6.32.8 optionLoadLine
optionMemberList7.6.32.9 optionMemberList
optionNextValue7.6.32.10 optionNextValue
optionOnlyUsage7.6.32.11 optionOnlyUsage
optionPrintVersion7.6.32.12 optionPrintVersion
optionPrintVersionAndReturn7.6.32.13 optionPrintVersionAndReturn
optionProcess7.6.32.14 optionProcess
optionRestore7.6.32.15 optionRestore
optionSaveFile7.6.32.16 optionSaveFile
optionSaveState7.6.32.17 optionSaveState
optionUnloadNested7.6.32.18 optionUnloadNested
optionVersion7.6.32.19 optionVersion
OPTION_CT7.6.12 OPTION_CT - Full Count of Options
OPT_ARG7.6.13 OPT_ARG( <NAME> ) - Option Argument String
OPT_NO_XLAT_CFG_NAMES7.6.14 OPT_NO_XLAT_CFG_NAMES - option name xlation
OPT_NO_XLAT_OPT_NAMES7.6.15 OPT_NO_XLAT_OPT_NAMES - option name xlation
OPT_VALUE_name7.6.16 OPT_VALUE_name - Option Argument Value
OPT_XLAT_CFG_NAMES7.6.17 OPT_XLAT_CFG_NAMES - option name xlation
OPT_XLAT_OPT_NAMES7.6.18 OPT_XLAT_OPT_NAMES - option name xlation
out-delete3.4.36 ‘out-delete’ - delete current output file
out-depth3.4.37 ‘out-depth’ - output file stack depth
out-emit-suspended3.4.38 ‘out-emit-suspended’ - emit the text of suspended output
out-line3.4.39 ‘out-line’ - output file line number
out-move3.4.40 ‘out-move’ - change name of output file
out-name3.4.41 ‘out-name’ - current output file name
out-pop3.4.42 ‘out-pop’ - close current output file
out-push-add3.4.43 ‘out-push-add’ - append output to file
out-push-new3.4.44 ‘out-push-new’ - purge and create output file
out-resume3.4.45 ‘out-resume’ - resume suspended output file
out-suspend3.4.46 ‘out-suspend’ - suspend current output file
out-switch3.4.47 ‘out-switch’ - close and create new output
output-file-next-line3.4.48 ‘output-file-next-line’ - print the file name and next line number

prefix3.5.26 ‘prefix’ - prefix lines with a string
printf3.5.27 ‘printf’ - format to stdout

raw-shell-str3.5.28 ‘raw-shell-str’ - single quote shell string
RESTART_OPT7.6.19 RESTART_OPT( n ) - Resume Option Processing
RETURN3.6.20 RETURN - Leave an INVOKE-d (DEFINE) macro

SELECT3.6.21 SELECT - Selection block for CASE function
set-option3.4.49 ‘set-option’ - Set a command line option
set-writable3.4.50 ‘set-writable’ - Make the output file be writable
SET_OPT_name7.6.20 SET_OPT_name - Force an option to be set
shell3.5.29 ‘shell’ - invoke a shell script
shell-str3.5.30 ‘shell-str’ - double quote shell string
shellf3.5.31 ‘shellf’ - format a string, run shell
sprintf3.5.32 ‘sprintf’ - format a string
stack3.4.51 ‘stack’ - make list of AutoGen values
stack-join3.4.52 ‘stack-join’ - stack values then join them
STACKCT_OPT7.6.21 STACKCT_OPT( <NAME> ) - Stacked Arg Count
STACKLST_OPT7.6.22 STACKLST_OPT( <NAME> ) - Argument Stack
START_OPT7.6.23 START_OPT - Restart Option Processing
STATE_OPT7.6.24 STATE_OPT( <NAME> ) - Option State
strequate7.6.32.20 strequate
streqvcmp7.6.32.21 streqvcmp
streqvmap7.6.32.22 streqvmap
string->c-name!3.5.58 ‘string->c-name!’ - map non-name chars to underscore
string->camelcase3.5.59 ‘string->camelcase’ - make a string be CamelCase
string-capitalize3.5.33 ‘string-capitalize’ - capitalize a new string
string-capitalize!3.5.34 ‘string-capitalize!’ - capitalize a string
string-contains-eqv?3.5.35 ‘string-contains-eqv?’ - caseless substring
string-contains?3.5.36 ‘string-contains?’ - substring match
string-downcase3.5.37 ‘string-downcase’ - lower case a new string
string-downcase!3.5.38 ‘string-downcase!’ - make a string be lower case
string-end-eqv-match?3.5.39 ‘string-end-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex ending
string-end-match?3.5.40 ‘string-end-match?’ - regex match end
string-ends-eqv?3.5.41 ‘string-ends-eqv?’ - caseless string ending
string-ends-with?3.5.42 ‘string-ends-with?’ - string ending
string-equals?3.5.43 ‘string-equals?’ - string matching
string-eqv-match?3.5.44 ‘string-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex match
string-eqv?3.5.45 ‘string-eqv?’ - caseless match
string-has-eqv-match?3.5.46 ‘string-has-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex contains
string-has-match?3.5.47 ‘string-has-match?’ - contained regex match
string-match?3.5.48 ‘string-match?’ - regex match
string-start-eqv-match?3.5.49 ‘string-start-eqv-match?’ - caseless regex start
string-start-match?3.5.50 ‘string-start-match?’ - regex match start
string-starts-eqv?3.5.51 ‘string-starts-eqv?’ - caseless string start
string-starts-with?3.5.52 ‘string-starts-with?’ - string starting
string-substitute3.5.53 ‘string-substitute’ - multiple global replacements
string-table-add3.5.54 ‘string-table-add’ - Add an entry to a string table
string-table-add-ref3.5.55 ‘string-table-add-ref’ - Add an entry to a string table, get reference
string-table-new3.5.56 ‘string-table-new’ - create a string table
string-table-size3.5.57 ‘string-table-size’ - print the current size of a string table
string-tr3.5.60 ‘string-tr’ - convert characters with new result
string-tr!3.5.61 ‘string-tr!’ - convert characters
string-upcase3.5.62 ‘string-upcase’ - upper case a new string
string-upcase!3.5.63 ‘string-upcase!’ - make a string be upper case
strneqvcmp7.6.32.23 strneqvcmp
strtransform7.6.32.24 strtransform
sub-shell-str3.5.64 ‘sub-shell-str’ - back quoted (sub-)shell string
suffix3.4.53 ‘suffix’ - get the current suffix
sum3.5.65 ‘sum’ - sum of values in list

teOptIndex7.6.30 teOptIndex - Option Index and Enumeration
time-string->number3.5.66 ‘time-string->number’ - duration string to seconds
tpl-file3.4.54 ‘tpl-file’ - get the template file name
tpl-file-line3.4.55 ‘tpl-file-line’ - get the template file+line number
tpl-file-next-line3.4.56 ‘tpl-file-next-line’ - get the template file plus next line number

UNKNOWN3.6.22 UNKNOWN - Either a user macro or a value name.
USAGE7.6.25 USAGE( exit-code ) - Usage invocation macro

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