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GNU ccd2cue - CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter

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This document contains a list of user-visible changes worth mentioning. The changes are split and ordered by version in reverse chronological order. If you want to receive notifications about new releases of this program or important issues related to it, subscribe to the mailing list, as described in Contact, or subscribe to the package atom feed https://savannah.gnu.org/news/atom.php?group=ccd2cue.

  • The program ccd2cue has become a GNU package, and therefore is now dubbed GNU ccd2cue. Its code and documentation have been updated to reflect such remarkable occurrence.
  • The target homepage generates the package homepage primarily from release documentation.
  • Some interesting GNU philosophy essays were added to documentation.
  • Various bugs in the program and documentation were fixed.
  • Support for all features of the CUE sheet format, prominently CD-Text meta-data and track sub-code flags.
  • Internationalization support using gettext.
  • Compliance with the GNU Coding Standards and the GNU Maintaining Standards. See GNU Coding Standards and GNU Maintaining Standards. Noteworthy changes are the use of the GNU build system for the ease and consistency of build and installation (see INSTALL file), documentation in the Texinfo format, notably an user manual that can be outputted in numerous formats including, but not limited to, printable pdf, info, html and plain text.
  • Traditional Unix man page automatically generated by help2man.
  • Doxygen for in-depth source code documentation. That can be used to output pdf, html and numerous other formats documenting the inner workings of the code.
  • GNU compliant command line parsing provided by Argp. It is no more necessary to provide arguments in the fixed order of command’s synopsis; the arguments can be given in any order and long options are accepted.
  • The command line options suffered the following changes to comply with GNU Coding Standards:

    Has companion long option --output.


    Has companion long option --image.


    Changed to -? with companion long option --help.


    Changed to -V with companion long option --version.

    The following command line options were added to cover new features:

    -c cdt-file

    Writes CD-Text data to cdt-file.


    Uses absolute file name deduction.


    Gives a short usage message.

  • It is no longer required to specify -i option in every invocation. It is enough to specify only one file name on the command invocation, as an option or non-option argument, since the remaining needed file names are now deduced automatically.

Initial release;

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