GNU ccd2cue - To Do

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This page contains a list of ideas and features which would be nice to see implemented some day. If you are ready to start working on any of these TODO items, we appreciate your help; please write to <> so we can be aware that the problem is being addressed, and talk with you how to do it best.

Since the developers of this program are willing to assign the copyright of this package to FSF, please be prepared to sign legal papers to transfer the copyright on your work to the FSF too. For more details on this and some more practical details about getting involved, see how to contribute.

As well as the issues listed here, there are bug reports, which are effectively to-do items too — that can use your help — at the bug tracker web interface. See how to report a bug for more information.

CCD sheet format specification

There is a specification of the CCD sheet format in the program manual. That specification is the result of a reverse engineering process and is incomplete; pretty much only the fields that affects the CUE sheet generation are known. It would be very nice to decipher the entirety of the format, and document it, so we can bring into light whether there is room for improvement in the conversion process, and to open new possibilities for more expressive formats like the TOC sheet.

TOC sheet format

As the name implies the program GNU ccd2cue is designed to convert CCD sheets only to the CUE sheet format. This format has some well know limitations regarding the sub-channel data, which apparently can be mitigated by more expressive formats. There is one sheet format called “TOC” that is very common, well documented and accessible to free software in the GNU system. It seems that format was designed to handle the sub-channel data that is the major flaw of the CUE sheet format. In fact it seems like a super-set of the CUE sheet format. For that reason we would like to have a ccd2toc in complement of the GNU ccd2cue. But is that another project? If not, we have to change the name. ;-)