GNU Emacs Common Lisp Emulation

This file documents the GNU Emacs Common Lisp emulation package.

Overview Basics, usage, organization, naming conventions.
Program Structure Arglists, cl-eval-when.
Predicates Type predicates and equality predicates.
Control Structure Assignment, conditionals, blocks, looping.
Macros Destructuring, compiler macros.
Declarations cl-proclaim, cl-declare, etc.
Symbols Property lists, creating symbols.
Numbers Predicates, functions, random numbers.
Sequences Mapping, functions, searching, sorting.
Lists Functions, substitution, sets, associations.
Structures cl-defstruct.
Assertions Assertions and type checking.
Efficiency Concerns Hints and techniques.
Common Lisp Compatibility All known differences with Steele.
Porting Common Lisp Hints for porting Common Lisp code.
Obsolete Features Obsolete features.
GNU Free Documentation License The license for this documentation.
Function Index An entry for each documented function.
Variable Index An entry for each documented variable.
Concept Index An entry for each concept.

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