4.10 Documentation Header

The command C-c C-h inserts a standard routine header into the buffer, with the usual fields for documentation (a different header can be specified with idlwave-file-header). One of the keywords is ‘MODIFICATION HISTORY’ under which the changes to a routine can be recorded. The command C-c C-m jumps to the ‘MODIFICATION HISTORY’ of the current routine or file and inserts the user name with a timestamp.

User Option: idlwave-file-header

The doc-header template or a path to a file containing it.

User Option: idlwave-header-to-beginning-of-file (nil)

Non-nil means the documentation header will always be at start of file.

User Option: idlwave-timestamp-hook

The hook function used to update the timestamp of a function.

User Option: idlwave-doc-modifications-keyword

The modifications keyword to use with the log documentation commands.

User Option: idlwave-doclib-start

Regexp matching the start of a document library header.

User Option: idlwave-doclib-end

Regexp matching the start of a document library header.