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4.11 Motion Commands

IDLWAVE supports both Imenu and Func-menu, two packages which make it easy to jump to the definitions of functions and procedures in the current file with a pop-up selection. To bind Imenu to a mouse-press, use in your .emacs:

     (define-key global-map [S-down-mouse-3] 'imenu)

In addition, Speedbar support allows convenient navigation of a source tree of IDL routine files, quickly stepping to routine definitions. See Tools->Display Speedbar.

Several commands allow you to move quickly through the structure of an IDL program:

C-M-a Beginning of subprogram
C-M-e End of subprogram
C-c { Beginning of block (stay inside the block)
C-c } End of block (stay inside the block)
C-M-n Forward block (on same level)
C-M-p Backward block (on same level)
C-M-d Down block (enters a block)
C-M-u Backward up block (leaves a block)
C-c C-n Next Statement