This manual describes PCL-CVS, the GNU Emacs front-end to CVS. It is nowhere near complete, so you are advised to use M-x customize-group <RET> pcl-cvs <RET> and to look at the documentation strings of the various commands and major modes for further information.

About PCL-CVS Credits, history, ...
Getting started An introduction with a walk-through example.
Buffer contents An explanation of the buffer contents.
Selected files To which files are commands applied.
Commands All commands, grouped by type.
Log Edit Mode Major mode to edit log messages.
Log View Mode Major mode to browse log changes.
Customization How you can tailor PCL-CVS to suit your needs.
Bugs Bugs (known and unknown).
GNU Free Documentation License The license for this documentation.
Function and Variable Index List of functions and variables.
Concept Index List of concepts.
Key Index List of keystrokes.

Detailed Node Listing

Contributors Contributors to PCL-CVS.
Entering PCL-CVS Commands to invoke PCL-CVS
Setting flags Setting flags for CVS commands
Updating the buffer
Movement commands How to move up and down in the buffer
Marking files How to mark files that other commands will later operate on.
Committing changes Checking in your modifications to the CVS repository.
Editing files Loading files into Emacs.
Getting info about files Display the log and status of files.
Adding and removing files Adding and removing files
Undoing changes Undoing changes
Removing handled entries Uninteresting lines can easily be removed.
Ignoring files Telling CVS to ignore generated files.
Viewing differences Commands to ‘diff’ different versions.
Invoking Ediff Running ‘ediff’ from *cvs* buffer.
Updating files Updating files that Need-update.
Tagging files Tagging files.
Miscellaneous commands Miscellaneous commands.
Customizing Faces

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