Please send mail to if you have questions or wish to contribute/package/etc.


To submit a bug report:

  • Identify your game version: the easiest way is running FreeDink in windowed mode, and read the title bar (e.g. "GNU FreeDink 1.08.20100420").
  • Try again with the latest version (download). For example, GNU/Linux distribution may include old versions due to their release process. We may have already fixed the bugs in newer versions.
  • Please attach a savegame (preferrably in a .zip or otherwise compressed) with instructions on how to reproduce the problem. FreeDink save your games as saveX.dat files in the D-Mod folder (e.g. ~/dmods/dmod_name/saveX.dat), or in /home/your_login/.dink/dmod_name/saveX.dat otherwise.
  • Email this information and the necessary files to and we'll get back to you.