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Dink Smallwood is an adventure/role-playing game, similar to Zelda (2D top view), made by RTsoft.

The game features the twisted adventure of young Dink Smallwood, a pig farmer who leaves his town and goes on a quest to save the world.

GNU FreeDink is a new and portable version of the game engine, which runs the original game as well as its D-Mods, with close compatibility, under multiple platforms.

FreeDink is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU GPL for details. Free software is more than open source.

It also comes with the DFArc front-end to manage and play Dink Modules (or D-Mods for short): fans-made new add-ons, some of them bigger than the original game!

And if you want to make your own adventure, the FreeDinkedit game editor awaits you.

Status: the main game is finished (except we're adding more sounds as time passes, as well as translations). The game engine may evolve but will maintain backward compatibility to play D-Mods. If you're interested in the development, you'll be interested by this developer talk video at the GNU Hackers Meeting 2008.

We don't plan to add support for MP3 files because of patents threats ([1], [2], [3]), but we already support the patent-free Ogg Vorbis format instead (as well as, incidentally: mod, s3m, it, and xm).