Get GNU FreeDink - from your distro

The easiest way to install FreeDink today is to get it from your distribution (i.e. not from this website). It's easier to install, but they may not be the latest version.

If you want the latest version for these platforms, see the source code.

Here are instructions for each distribution:

Debian GNU/Linux

FreeDink is available in the Unstable/Sid version and be installed using:

apt-get install freedink

Here are the packages:



Debian Wiki Entry


FreeDink's been available since "Jaunty":


Installing FreeDink is now as easy as:

yum install freedink

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre and Arch [GNU/]Linux

Packaged by Petteri Tolonen and available in the AUR (Arch User Repository):

To install it:

  1. Download the tarballs of the packages you want from the above links. (Note: freedink requires freedink-data).
  2. For every package package_name that you want, run (in the terminal):
    1. cd /path/where/you/saved/tarballs
    2. tar xzf package_name.tar.gz
    3. cd package_name
    4. makepkg --install
    5. cd ..


  • Within the package_name directories there will be a binary package titled something.pkg.tar.xz. You can run pacman -U something.pkg.tar.xz to install it on computers with the same CPU architecture. This can speed up installation on multiple computers.
  • If you just want to make a binary package to install later, omit --install.
  • This process can be automated with programs like Yaourt.

For more information on the AUR, visit the Arch Wiki.


Installing FreeDink is as easy as:

emerge --ask freedink

Packaged in 2013 [submission]:


Installing FreeDink is as easy as:

guix package --install freedink

Packaged in 2014 [package module], enhanced and pushed by Ludovic Court├Ęs.


FreeDink's included in Games repository (enable it in Control Center > Community Repositories > openSUSE BuildService - Games, then install package freedink; you can also search it) - thanks to Stefan Dirsch


FreeDink's included in Mageia Cauldron thanks to Akien. It will be available in Mageia 5.

Foresight [GNU/]Linux

FreeDink is available for Foresight [GNU/]Linux.

You can install it using :

sudo conary install


Any volunteer to make a slackbuild?


Packaged by Stephen Hurd and Martin Wilke. [packages - PR]

pkg_add -r freedink

OS X (MacPorts)

Packaged by Giovanni Davide in macports.

(freedink meta-package and dfarc in progress)

To install it:

$ sudo port -d sync
(port updating)
$ sudo port install freedink
(it will recursively install freedink-data)

These are pretty outdated now. This message from the mailing list suggests ways to rebuild from source. Let us know about your success on the mailing list!