You can help and support the G-Golf project by making a donation.

Our goal is to fulfill the cost of the development and maintenance, as well as to continue supporting and improving G-Golf.

Estimated cost

We time track G-Golf development and maintenance activity using GNU Foliot. Here is a summary of the project statistics:

Source code : Guile Scheme
56 files
7466 lines of source code
Documentation : Texinfo
54 files
6562 lines of documentation
Total time : 346.8 hours - 43.4 men/day
Last updated : August 2019

We believe that we have accomplished (more less) 35% of the total amount of work required to reach a G-Golf 1.0 release.

With the above in mind, our estimation to complete G-Golf is that we will need around 120 men/day.

Paiement Type

We currently accept donations via Bank Transfert only:

Owner : Alto Software scrl
Communication : G-Golf Support
IBAN : BE65 3100 9721 4496
BIC - Swift Code : BBRUBEBB

Feel free to donate as little or as much as you wish. Every donation is very much appreciated. We can emit and provide invoices for all donations above 100€ (individual donations are not tax dedutible though, since Alto Software is a privately owned free software micro consultancy). If you need an invoice, just let us know.

A great way to support the G-Golf project is a recurring donation. These will help to keep the project solidly funded and help us to keep up our development efforts. Either if that is prompt support or introducing new features, recurring donations are the foundation to keep this project running.

All donations are confidential and remain anonymous unless you say otherwise. If you'd like to see your name or your company acknowledged publicly as a donor here below, please let us know.

Thank you for supporting G-Golf!

Donations Summary

G-Golf started in 2016, but I had to stall the project for almost 2 years, and started to work on it again in October 2018.

Here is a summary of the G-Golf donnations (prior to the 'restart', didn't have a donation page):

YearN-donorsIndividualCorporateResearch Inst.Total €

List of donors

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