G-Golf uses Git for revision control, hosted on Savannah, you may browse the sources repository here.

You may participate to G-Golf in different ways: you may want to just follow the project, to try it and report (by email or on our prefered irc channel) your impressions, to give us some constructive feedback, or you may decide to actively contribute to G-Golf, which could be contributing to the documentation, the source code, the test-suite or all.

Actively contributing to G-Golf source code - in addition to have a reasonably good Guile scheme knowledge and practice - requires that your are at least familiar, but preferably that you have a good knowledge of the GObject Introspection, GObject and Glib libraries.

G-Golf high level API - which we haven't started to work on yet - will extensively use GOOPS, the Guile Object Oriented System.

If you want to contribute to G-Golf, please install from the source, then:

Sending patches


and send these patches to:

Please use 'G-Golf - ' to preceed the subject line of G-Golf related emails, thanks!

Bug Reports

G-Golf uses the following bug reports mailing list: