Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::Player::CallbacksHandler Class Reference
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gnash::HostInterface gnash::FsCallback

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Public Member Functions

 CallbacksHandler (Gui &gui, const Player &player)
boost::any call (const HostInterface::Message &e)
 Pass a message to the hosting application with an optional return.
void exit ()
 Instruct the hosting application to exit.
void notify (const std::string &event, const std::string &arg)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::Player::CallbacksHandler::CallbacksHandler ( Gui gui,
const Player player 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

boost::any Player::CallbacksHandler::call ( const HostInterface::Message e) [virtual]

Pass a message to the hosting application with an optional return.

The core library should access this function through movie_root::callInterface() or movie_root::callInterface<>()

eThe message to pass
A return of any type. Both callers and users should know the expected type.

Implements gnash::HostInterface.

References test::v, and _.

void Player::CallbacksHandler::exit ( ) [virtual]

Instruct the hosting application to exit.

The hosting application may ignore this: do not rely on it to exit the program.

Implements gnash::HostInterface.

References gnash::Gui::quit().

void Player::CallbacksHandler::notify ( const std::string &  event,
const std::string &  arg 
) [virtual]

Fscommands can be ignored using an rcfile setting. As a plugin they are always ignored.

Implements gnash::FsCallback.

References gnash::RcInitFile::getDefaultInstance(), gnash::ExternalInterface::makeInvoke(), gnash::amf::write(), _, and gnash::RcInitFile::ignoreFSCommand().

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