Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::abc::Namespace Class Reference

Represent an ActionScript Namespace. More...

#include <Namespace.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Namespace ()
 Create an empty namespace.
void markReachableResources () const
void setParent (Namespace *p)
 Our parent (for protected)
NamespacegetParent ()
void setURI (string_table::key name)
 Set the uri.
string_table::key getURI () const
 What is the Uri of the namespace?
string_table::key getPrefix () const
 What is the XML prefix?
bool addScript (string_table::key name, Class *a)
void stubPrototype (ClassHierarchy &ch, string_table::key name)
ClassgetScript (string_table::key name)
void dump (string_table &st)
void setPrivate ()
void unsetPrivate ()
bool isPrivate ()
void setProtected ()
void unsetProtected ()
bool isProtected ()
void setPackage ()
void unsetPackage ()
bool isPackage ()

Detailed Description

Represent an ActionScript Namespace.

Namespaces are generally global resources, although private Namespaces are only visible inside a single AbcBlock. Because there is no guarantee that a Namespace is private to an AbcBlock, they must never store any AbcBlock-internal information, particularly not the AbcURI. A Namespace is currently a collection of Scripts, which should be turned into a Class on first use.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::abc::Namespace::Namespace ( ) [inline]

Create an empty namespace.

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::abc::Namespace::addScript ( string_table::key  name,
Class a 
) [inline]

Add a Class to the namespace. The namespace stores this, but does not take ownership.

Referenced by stubPrototype().

void gnash::abc::Namespace::dump ( string_table st)
Namespace* gnash::abc::Namespace::getParent ( ) [inline]

Referenced by getScript().

string_table::key gnash::abc::Namespace::getPrefix ( ) const [inline]

What is the XML prefix?

Class* gnash::abc::Namespace::getScript ( string_table::key  name) [inline]

Get the named class. Returns NULL if information is not known about the class. (Stubbed classes still return NULL here.)

References getParent(), and getScript().

Referenced by gnash::abc::AbcBlock::locateClass(), and getScript().

string_table::key gnash::abc::Namespace::getURI ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::abc::Namespace::isPackage ( ) [inline]
bool gnash::abc::Namespace::isPrivate ( ) [inline]
bool gnash::abc::Namespace::isProtected ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::markReachableResources ( ) const [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::setPackage ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::setParent ( Namespace p) [inline]

Our parent (for protected)

References gnash::key::p.

void gnash::abc::Namespace::setPrivate ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::setProtected ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::setURI ( string_table::key  name) [inline]

Set the uri.

void gnash::abc::Namespace::stubPrototype ( ClassHierarchy ch,
string_table::key  name 
void gnash::abc::Namespace::unsetPackage ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::unsetPrivate ( ) [inline]
void gnash::abc::Namespace::unsetProtected ( ) [inline]

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