Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::ClassHierarchy Class Reference

Register all of the ActionScript classes, with their dependencies. More...

#include <ClassHierarchy.h>

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struct  ExtensionClass
struct  NativeClass

Public Types

typedef std::vector< NativeClassNativeClasses

Public Member Functions

 ClassHierarchy (as_object *global, Extension *e)
 ~ClassHierarchy ()
 Delete our private namespaces.
bool declareClass (const NativeClass &c)
void declareAll (const NativeClasses &classes)
 Declare a list of native classes.
void markReachableResources () const
 Mark objects for garbage collector.

Detailed Description

Register all of the ActionScript classes, with their dependencies.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::ClassHierarchy::ClassHierarchy ( as_object global,
Extension e 
) [inline]

Construct the declaration object. Later set the global and extension objects using setGlobal and setExtension

gnash::ClassHierarchy::~ClassHierarchy ( )

Delete our private namespaces.

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::ClassHierarchy::declareAll ( const NativeClasses classes)

Declare a list of native classes.

References gnash::key::f, declareClass(), gnash::renderer::opengl::for_each(), and gnash::key::_1.

Referenced by gnash::Global_as::registerClasses().

bool gnash::ClassHierarchy::declareClass ( const NativeClass c)

Declare an ActionScript class and how to instantiate it from the core.

cThe NativeClass structure which defines the class.
true, unless the class with already existed.

References gnash::ClassHierarchy::NativeClass::version, gnash::as_object::init_destructive_property(), and gnash::ClassHierarchy::NativeClass::uri.

Referenced by declareAll().

void gnash::ClassHierarchy::markReachableResources ( ) const [inline]

Mark objects for garbage collector.

Referenced by gnash::Global_as::markReachableResources().

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