Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::AudioResampler Class Reference

VERY crude audio resampler. More...

#include <AudioResampler.h>

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static void convert_raw_data (boost::int16_t **adjusted_data, int *adjusted_size, void *data, int sample_count, int sample_size, int sample_rate, bool stereo, int m_sample_rate, bool m_stereo)
 VERY crude sample-rate and stereo conversion.

Detailed Description

VERY crude audio resampler.

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::media::AudioResampler::convert_raw_data ( boost::int16_t **  adjusted_data,
int *  adjusted_size,
void *  data,
int  sample_count,
int  sample_size,
int  sample_rate,
bool  stereo,
int  m_sample_rate,
bool  m_stereo 
) [static]

VERY crude sample-rate and stereo conversion.

Converts input data to output format.

adjusted_dataWhere the converted data is placed (output). WARNING: even though the type of the output data is int16, the adjusted_size output parameter is in bytes.
adjusted_sizeThe size of the converted data (output) in bytes.
dataData that needs to be converted (input).
sample_countThe datas current sample count (input).
sample_sizeThe datas current sample size (input) in bytes.
sample_rateThe datas current sample rate (input).
stereoWhether the current data is in stereo (input).
m_sample_rateThe samplerate we which to convert to (output).
m_stereoDo we want the output data to be in stereo (output)?

References assert, gnash::key::i, and gnash::key::j.

Referenced by gnash::media::AudioDecoderSimple::decode(), and gnash::media::AudioDecoderSpeex::decode().

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