Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg Class Reference

A class representing a single AudioInput device. More...

#include <AudioInputFfmpeg.h>

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Public Member Functions

DSOEXPORT AudioInputFfmpeg ()
virtual ~AudioInputFfmpeg ()
virtual void setActivityLevel (double a)
virtual double activityLevel () const
virtual void setGain (double g)
virtual double gain () const
virtual void setIndex (int i)
virtual int index () const
virtual bool muted ()
virtual void setName (std::string name)
virtual const std::string & name () const
virtual void setRate (int r)
virtual int rate () const
virtual void setSilenceLevel (double s)
virtual double silenceLevel () const
virtual void setSilenceTimeout (int s)
virtual int silenceTimeout () const
virtual void setUseEchoSuppression (bool e)
virtual bool useEchoSuppression () const

Detailed Description

A class representing a single AudioInput device.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg ( )
virtual gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::~AudioInputFfmpeg ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual double gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::activityLevel ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual double gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::gain ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual int gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::index ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual bool gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::muted ( ) [inline, virtual]
virtual const std::string& gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::name ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

Referenced by setName().

virtual int gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::rate ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

Referenced by setRate().

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setActivityLevel ( double  a) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::a.

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setGain ( double  g) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::g.

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setIndex ( int  i) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::i.

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setName ( std::string  name) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References name().

void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setRate ( int  r) [virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References rate().

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setSilenceLevel ( double  s) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::s.

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setSilenceTimeout ( int  s) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::s.

virtual void gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::setUseEchoSuppression ( bool  e) [inline, virtual]

Implements gnash::media::AudioInput.

References gnash::key::e.

virtual double gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::silenceLevel ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual int gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::silenceTimeout ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual bool gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg::useEchoSuppression ( ) const [inline, virtual]

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