GNU Astronomy Utilities

12.2 BuildProgram

The number and order of libraries that are necessary for linking a program with Gnuastro library might be too confusing when you need to compile a small program for one particular job (with one source file). BuildProgram will use the information gathered during configuring Gnuastro and link with all the appropriate libraries on your system. This will allow you to easily compile, link and run programs that use Gnuastro’s library with one simple command and not worry about which libraries to link to, or the linking order.

BuildProgram uses GNU Libtool to find the necessary libraries to link against (GNU Libtool is the same program that builds all of Gnuastro’s libraries and programs when you run make). So in the future, if Gnuastro’s prerequisite libraries change or other libraries are added, you do not have to worry, you can just run BuildProgram and internal linking will be done correctly.

BuildProgram requires GNU Libtool: BuildProgram depends on GNU Libtool, other implementations do not have some necessary features. If GNU Libtool is not available at Gnuastro’s configure time, you will get a notice at the end of the configuration step and BuildProgram will not be built or installed. Please see Optional dependencies for more information.