GNU Telephony Download

Most downloads referred to here are offered through source tarballs. These may include packages we produce as well as different packages we recommend for use in GNU Telephony. It is strongly suggested you download the recommended files as well as the stable files we directly produce, as the recommended files often have useful libraries which enable additional features.

This software may be available from other sites in various package formats, including GNU/Linux RPM and Debian packages, .pkg files under various Unix operating systems, etc. People are encouraged to distribute any part of it in a package form where convenient for installation, so long as source is also made available.

Stable Releases

Package Download Mirror Project
GNU Bayonne GNU mirror Savannah
GNU SIP Witch GNU mirror Savannah
GNU [u]Common C++ GNU mirror Savannah
GNU ccScript GNU mirror Savannah
GNU ccAudio 2 GNU mirror Savannah
GNU ccRTP GNU mirror Savannah
GNU ZRTP/libzrtpcpp GNU mirror GitHub

Recommended Files

Package Download Mirror
GNU oSIP Stack GNU mirror
eXosip2 Library Non-GNU mirror
Fox Toolkit Fox
gsm codec
ilbc codecs linphone
speex speex
twinkle twinkle v1.4
twinkle v>1.9