/!\ Obsolete /!\

This is no longer valid as a Google Summer of Code project; it's done.

libgtop is a library used by many applications (especially GNOME applications) to abstract the system-specific methods for obtaining information about the current state of the system -- processes running, system load etc.

A Linux-compatible procfs is available and should cover a large part of the functionality of libgtop. However, not all necessary information is exported via /proc (even on Linux); there are some bits still missing in the Hurd procfs implementation; and there are a couple of bugs that need to be fixed to make it fully usable.

The goal of this project is a fully functional libgtop in Debian GNU/Hurd. Some application(s) using it also need to be ported, e.g. gnome-system-monitor.

Some bits of this work are easy, others need some digging into Hurd internals. This task doesn't require any specific previous knowledge (besides of general C/UNIX programming skills of course); but during the course of the project, some knowledge about Hurd internals will have to be obtained, along with a bit of Debian stuff.