The 7th Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (also known as Libre Software Meeting) will be held on July 4th-8th 2006 in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy.

There won't be a track of OS-related talks as it has been last year, see

Dorms have to be reserved on as soon as possible.

Who And When

Name Attending Arrival Return
?JeroenDekkers perhaps ? ?
?ManuelMenal perhaps ? ?
?MarcoGerards no n/a n/a
?MarcusBrinkmann probably not n/a n/a
?MichaelBanck probably not n/a n/a
?NealWalfield perhaps ? ?
?PeterDeSchrijver no n/a n/a
?OlafBuddenhagen ? ? ?
SamuelThibault yes ? ?
?SoerenSchulze perhaps ? ?
Stefan Siegl no n/a n/a
Thomas Schwinge perhaps ? ?
?YoshinoriOkuji perhaps ? ?