Today (OK, this night) I created some codeswarm movies to visualize the code history of the Hurd.

What's particularly interesting to me in gnumach is the tschwinge - sthibaul effect in march 2008, where development suddenly seems to speed up enormeously.

It clearly shows how much impact just two developers can have - you can have that kind of an impact, too!

The code movies are created from the history of the cvs branches gnumach, hurd-l4 and hurd.

The movies:

in gnumach, red is the "kern", while in "hurd" red is stuff in "release".

.doc. is dark blue and any stuff named .linux. is shown in a blue-green in both. In Hurd-L4 is annotated: It shows libc, gcc, Hurd and L4 kernel commits in different colors.

The hurd wiki movie shows all web commits as "", and you can clearly see that most changes are being done via the version control system. There's a way to split the web-commits, but since there aren't many, I leave that for another day :) - article on the ikiwiki page.

Best wishes, Arne