Well as ArneBab asked me to, I made a blog here in the Hurd's community section.

So I suppose it's time for me to introduce myself. I'm a lawyer student just short of my masters' (called "diploma" here in Slovenia) and a hacker by heart. I've been using GNU/Linux for over a decade now, started on Slackware and continued on Gentoo. I try to give back to the community by being an active member (posting bugs and whatnot), coordinating the local FSFE Fellowship group and lately also lending a hand to the Gentoo Licenses team. I keep a website and blog of my own and occasionally even write some short sad piece of sloppy code.

Small disclaimer about my coding abilities:


For those who wonder about what IANAC IAAL means — it's the oposite of IANAL IAAC and means "I Am Not A Coder, I Am A Lawyer" ;)

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You might wonder why this post is not titled "First Post" or anything similar showing off my arrival in the Hurd community.

Well, that's both easy and hard to explain — easy, because it doesn't take much words and hard because of their impact.

The thing is it may well be my first and last post here.

I am not making this decision lightly, because I care a lot for FOSS and although I'm new and not much of a coder (GOTO 10), I can see how important GNU Hurd is and needs more advocates and contributors.

Sadly, as I stated on my normal blog, to be more help to the FOSS community, I actually have to help less. I have to make the painful choice to select from many FOSS-related things I care about deeply only a few I'm really good at and discard the rest. And since law is my forte, that's where I'll help and leave coding to those who are better at it.

That too is freedom and probably the biggest burden of it.

I'm pretty sure most people here haven't had the time to get to know me yet, but I'll still miss you. And thank you guys for your outstanding work in making the system that gives the user the most freedom possible! Please, keep up the work!

hook out → just out (hopefully not forever)


Posted 2010-10-23 20:07:12 UTC