IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-01-13

<veganman> so there's absolutely no way, even slowly to run i386 linux code
  under hurd/i386? I have a small app, commercial, which I have to get
  running there
<veganman> no source
<braunr> no way
<braunr> you'd need to create a userspace linux server catching linux
  system calls and calling hurd specific stuff to implement them
<braunr> it doesn't exist, it may be hard to implement
<braunr> some cases will definitely be hard to implement
<veganman> so, no magic linux lxemu on windows?
<veganman> or linuxemu on plan9
<pinotree> nope
<veganman> I remember something silly, sonmone had compiled linux as a user
  application on plan9 and inserted his own binaries as
  a code object, to be run on plan9, for use on ibm hpc hardware
<veganman> it was ron minich
<veganman> I think that was it
<veganman> google for linux & cnk for additional clues