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    <flavioc> antrik, i had some problems with CLISP. it goes into an infinite loop when there's no stdin or stdout (fshelp closes them when a translator starts). At first I tried to patch it but CLISP has very intricate dependencies on them, so I just created a wraper program (run-lisp-trans) that opens /dev/null as stdin and stdout and then exec's clisp
    <marcus> flavioc, antrik: I would suggest to modify libfshelp to start translators with stdin/stdout mapped to /dev/null.
    <marcus> or is there a good reason not to?
    <flavioc> marcus, the problem is in clisp :-), it should not expect that stdin/stdout are always open
    <marcus> flavioc: I agree, but there is really no point in making it hard.  many programs will fail if stdin, stdout or stderr are not occupied.  historically, they expect them to be there, so IMO libfshelp should be changed
    <marcus> flavioc: it's a simple solution, works everywhere and shouldn't do any harm :)
    <flavioc> marcus, I see. should I propose that on the mailing list? :-)
    <marcus> flavioc: it might be simpler to just crack the svn server and sneak it in :)
    <marcus> if you submit a patch I will look at it and check it in if it is ok
    <marcus> and see if Roland is still watching ... :D