User Loadable Filesystems

These appear as translators in the current Hurd and something similar needs to appear in the next hurd.

  • The user should be able to dynamically add and remove translators
  • For some reason it seems appropiate to have seperate namespaces (VFS's) for each user (this is quite a departure from Unix. ?SamMason)
  • translators can be used to expose the structure of an archive file
  • translators can be provide access to remote file systems

Anything else?

Probably not something we want to worry about now; but I'm guessing that the semantics of the new kernel will be sufficently different from Mach that some rewriting of the existing translators will be needed. From a pragmatic point of view it would be nice if there wasn't too much change.

-- ?SamMason - 11 Jan 2007