Setting up cvsfs on GNU/Hurd - A step by step process

Description of cvsfs

cvsfs is a virtual (libnetfs based) filesystem allowing you to mount remotely located CVS modules into your local filesystem. The version controlled files will appear to you just like regular ones. If you just want to view one file (or a small bunch) you furthermore save a lot of network bandwidth since only these files will be downloaded. The usual way to do so would be to check out the whole tree and deleting it after using.

Step by Step process in installing cvsfs

Download and prepare the source files from the incubator repository, branch cvsfs/master; then build them:

$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Set up the translator and start grazing.

$ mkdir -p cvsfs_test
$ settrans -a cvsfs_test /hurd/cvsfs /cvsroot/projectname modulename

Example to mount the memfs module on hurdextras to a local directory.

$ mkdir cvs.d
$ settrans -ac cvs.d/cvsfs /hurd/cvsfs sources/hurdextras memfs

Now change to that directory and start using ls, emacs, and whatever you feel like. :-)

Happy Hacking.


Old version at Berlios

A read-only version has been written by Stefan Siegl and was available at Berlios.