The fifo translator implements named pipes (FIFOs).

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IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-07-28

<gg0> seems fifos started dying, as they should. am i wrong?
<gg0> ( )
<azeem> so you're saying the bug should be closed?
<azeem> best to comment on the bug then
<gg0> i didn't hear anyone working on it, so i'm a bit surprised
<azeem> could be due to lower-level fixes to glibc or so
<gg0> and given often(:|) i'm wrong, i was asking
<pinotree> in two years there have been various changes in glibc and hurd
<pinotree> (for example the switch to pthreads)
<gg0> yeah seems fixed. mknod'ing one then removing it, doesn't leave any
  process around
<gg0> cool
<azeem> then please follow-up on the bug and/or close it
<gg0> sure
<gg0> the pleasure of closing it/them is yours
<gg0> great job, whatever you did :)

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-07-29

* gg0 wonders if it can close savannah one as
<pochu> gg0: wdym?
<pochu> gg0: got an example?
<gg0> i didn't close it myself

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-10-04

<braunr> there is new-fifo, which you can try
<braunr> i guess none of us know what it was really meant for