GNU Savannah task #5130: random translator.

See the attached mbox.bz2 containing all the emails concerning this topic which I was able to gather from public archives. (!) This is not up-to-date anymore, as ?MichaelCasadevall is currently working on this.


Sources of entropy are for example disk access latencies or keystroke patterns or behavior on networks. This suggests that for implementing a random translator a kernel part is needed as well, to gather that entropy. That kernel part would then export the gathered entropy via a kernel device, named perhaps entropy.

Setup Pseudo Random Devices

Stuck getting SSH to work? You need a pseudo random generator (PRG).

There are several solutions to the lack of /dev/random and /dev/urandom, but they are not yet in the default installation.

Setup Tips

Here are some tips on how to actually setup the two random devices using Kilobugs' random-64 server. His tarball is a complete Hurd server including a pre-built binary - so you don't need GCC or magic fingers for this! :)

After untaring the package you copy the random binary to the /hurd directory. Then you setup the translators for random and urandom.

# settrans -c /dev/random /hurd/random \
           --seed-file /var/run/random-seed --secure
# settrans -c /dev/urandom /hurd/random \
           --seed-file /var/run/urandom-seed --fast
# chmod 0644 /dev/random /dev/urandom