tarfs is a translator aimed at providing access to tar files through the filesystem. This way you don't have to extract files from the archive to access them. It supports compressed archives (bzip2 and gzip) through libstore.


Works fine on most cases, occasional corruptions when writing using bzip2/gzip stores.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-03-16

<pinotree> hm is tarfs working? its simple test suite fails here
  (translator dies with gz and bz2 compression)
<braunr> no idea
<braunr> have you tried without compression ?
<pinotree> that succeeds
<braunr> it might rely on storeio for compression
<pinotree> no, it does gz/bz2 on its own
<pinotree> but it uses libstore for i/o of the file
<braunr> ok


incubator, tarfs/master