A month of the Hurd: bug fixing / flubber re-installation.

A bit of bug fixing has been going on:

Samuel Thibault taught GNU Mach that Intel Pentium 4 and Opteron-class CPUs are not just i386, but in fact a bit more advanced. Not only does this help GNU Mach to select optimized code paths, but this information is also propagated to the user space, and used for the uname command, for example.

Pino Toscano continued fixing bugs in the socket-related glibc code and Hurd's pfinet.

After finding out that our pread implementation does not conform to the POSIX standard in one aspect, Manuel Menal analyzed this, and posted a patch.

Alexey Kuznetsov privided IPv6 raw socket fixes for pfinet.

Michael Banck uploaded a new version of crosshurd to keep up with recent packaging and dependency changes.

Samuel Thibault uploaded gopherfs packages to the Debian repository. He also enabled IPv6 support for Debian Installer installations.

Thomas Schwinge:

It's been a really long-long time (hooray!), but now flubber's root file system is totally hosed, and thus needs to be re-installed. (I've been running apt-get dist-upgrade when the box apparently crashed.) Running e2fsck on it spew out over 50.000 lines of illegal and multiply-claimed block lists, before I terminated it, so no chance. I'll do this over the weekend. /home/ etc. are not affected, thanks to being on a separate partition.

As of two days later, the machine was re-installed.