A quarter of the Hurd, Q2 of 2011: Graphical Installer, GSoC, and Debian.


A quarter of the Hurd, Q2 of 2011, PS has been published.

Jérémie Koenig started working on his Google Summer of Code project: bringing not only Java to the Hurd, but also fixing or adding missing parts in the Hurd's components along the way. For example, he already contributed a set of signal handling improvements.

Samuel Thibault created the first Debian GNU/Hurd CD set with a graphical installer. You can dowload it at the usual place for Debian CD images.

Amongst others, Samuel also tracked down and fixed a port leak in file_reparent. This one got visible on the Debian package builder machine.

On the organizational side, there is now a real plan to release a Hurd variant of Debian with their next major release, Wheezy. Expected towards the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013, the Hurd-specific bits of that release effort's process are being tracked on http://wiki.debian.org/Debian_GNU/Hurd. There is still a lot of work left to be done, but -- as everyone knows -- a real goal as well as a bit of pressure might help to actually get it done. If you want to lend a helping hand in order to make this happen, porting packages is a great way to get started and do something useful at the same time.

Tanguy le Carrour offered to sponsor some Hurd work, and followed up on his offer by adding to the Hurd bounties that Thomas Schwinge had set up over at on FOSS Factory -- claim them if you can! It's not (not yet?) comparable to a Google Summer of Code student's salary, but a step into the right direction. So, if you have more money than time and want the Hurd to advance, why don't you join Tanguy?

At the end of August, Hurd folks will be meeting at the GNU Hackers Meeting in Paris. Samuel Thibault will be giving a talk (GNU/Hurd, aka. Extensibility from the Ground), and -- amongs others -- Jérémie Koenig will be there too, ready to answer all the questions about his Java/Hurd Google Summer of Code work.