IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-10-12:

<pinotree> hm, why our sys/param.h #define's BSD?
<braunr> pinotree: because we're evil
<pinotree> is that correct?
<pinotree> (the define, not the evilness)
<braunr> pinotree: i think it's because the Hurd is closer to the BSD
  interfaces, probably because of Mach (which is itself derived from
<pinotree> braunr: but mach being bsd-ish won't make the userland (glibc)
  interfaces bsd-ish, will it?
<braunr> pinotree: no
<pinotree> braunr: so...? :)
<braunr> pinotree: i guesse there are bsdisms in the glibc hurd specific
  code, possibly because of mach
<braunr> or they used to be bsdisms, before being standardized
<braunr> e.g. mmap
<pinotree> braunr: hrmm...
<antrik> braunr: the BSDisms are there on purpose... Hurd was originally
  even meant to be binary-compatible with BSD
<antrik> nothing to do with Mach really
<braunr> antrik: ok