IRC, unknown channel, 2008-05-26 and later

<paakku> In elinks/src/network/state.h, there is an assumption that values of errno are between 0 and 100000.  Now looking at glibc-2.5/sysdeps/mach/hurd/bits/errno.h, I see that you're using values outside this range.  Have there been problems because of this?
<youpi> eeerf
<youpi> I had never seen a program assuming that
<youpi> that sucks
<paakku> It can be fixed, but that'd require some work, so I'd like to first have a clear idea of the effects.
<youpi> fixed where ?
<paakku> in elinks
<youpi> k
<paakku> by allocating just one number from our enum connection_state for system errors, and then stashing the errno value in a separate variable.
<paakku> Anyway, if you see this cause any user-visible bugs in ELinks, please report.

<kahmalo> I mentioned here on 2008-05-26 that ELinks assumes errno values are between 0 and 100000 whereas the Hurd uses other values.  I fixed this in ELinks last weekend; the most recent 0.12 and 0.13 snapshots should include the fix.  If you find any remaining errno assumptions, please post to:
<kahmalo> or to one of our mailing lists.
<kahmalo> I guess the pflocal select() bug is the primary hindrance to running ELinks on the Hurd.  Has any decision been made on how that will be fixed?