libports/port-ref.c:31: ports_port_ref: Assertion `pi->refcnt || pi->weakrefcnt' failed

This is seen every now and then.

gnumach page cache policy

With that patch in place, the assertion failure is seen more often.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-14

<youpi> braunr: I'm getting ext2fs.static:
  /usr/src/hurd-debian/./libports/port-ref.c:31: ports_port_ref: Assertion
  `pi->refcnt || pi->weakrefcnt' failed.
<youpi> oddly enough, that happens on one of the buildds only
<braunr> :/
<braunr> i fear the patch can wake many of these issues

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-15

<youpi> braunr: same assertion failed on a second buildd
<braunr> can you paste it again please ?
<youpi> ext2fs.static: /usr/src/hurd-debian/./libports/port-ref.c:31:
  ports_port_ref: Assertion `pi->refcnt || pi->weakrefcnt' failed.
<braunr> or better, answer the ml thread for future reference
<braunr> thanks
<youpi> braunr: I can't keep your patch on the buildds, it makes them too
<braunr> youpi: ok
<braunr> i never got this error though, that's weird
<braunr> youpi: was the failure during the same build ?
<youpi> no, it was during package installation, and not the same
<youpi> braunr: note that I've already seen such errors, it's not new, but
  it was way rarer
<youpi> like every month only
<braunr> ah ok
<braunr> yes it's less surprising then
<braunr> a tricky reference counting / locking mistake somewhere in the
  hurd :) ...
<braunr> ah ! just got it !
<bddebian> braunr: Got the error or found the problem? :)
<braunr> the former unfortunately :/

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-19

<braunr> hm, i think those ext2fs port refs errors may also be due to stack
<pinotree> --verbose
<braunr> hm ?
<pinotree> i mean, why do you think they could be due to that?
<braunr> the error is that both strong and weak refs in a port are 0 when
  adding a reference
<braunr> weak refs are almost never used so let's forget about them
<braunr> when a ref count drops to 0, the port is automatically deallocated
<braunr> so what other than memory corruption setting this counter to 0
  could possibly do that ? :)
<pinotree> one could also guess an unbalanced ref/unref logic, somehow
<braunr> what do you mean ?
<pinotree> that for a bug, an early return, etc a port gets unref'ed often
  than it is ref'ed
<braunr> highly unlikely, as they're protected by a lock
<braunr> pinotree: ah you mean, the object gets deallocated early because
  of an deref overflow ?
<braunr> pinotree: could be, yes
<braunr> pinotree: i wonder if it could happen because of the periodic sync
  duplicating the node table without holding references
<braunr> rah, libports uses a big lock in many places :(
<pinotree> braunr: yes, i meant that
<braunr> we could try using libduma some day
<braunr> i wonder if it could work out of the box
<pinotree> but that wouldn't help to find out whether a port gets deref'ed
  too often, for instance
<pinotree> although it could be adapted to do so, i guess
<braunr> reproducing + a call trace or core would be best, but i'm not even
  sure we can get that easily lol

automatic backtraces when assertions hit.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-09

<braunr> mhmm, i may have an explanation for the weird assertions we
  sometimes see in ext2fs
<braunr> glibc uses alloca to reserve memory for one reply port per thread
  in abort_all_rpcs
<braunr> if this erases the thread-specific area, we can expect all kinds
  of wreckage
<braunr> i'm not sure how to fix this though

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-01-29

<gg0> ext2fs: ../../libports/port-ref.c:30: ports_port_ref: Assertion
  `pi->refcnt || pi->weakrefcnt' failed.