IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2012-07-06

<pinotree> regarding the libwibble failure (which holds libbuffy →
  libbuffy-bindings), the failing test happens because it logs to /dev/null
  as test file,
<pinotree> and while doing that, it wants to lock it first, having a
  ENOTSUP in return
<youpi> oh
<youpi> locking null, how interesting
<youpi> what is that supposed to do ? :o)
<pinotree> from what i was reading posix, it would seem that such object is
  considered a "File"
<youpi> is it our unimplemented record lock, or just the lock operation
  that /dev/null doesn't support ?
<youpi> what size is null supposed to be? zero, right?
<pinotree> the latter
<youpi> ah
<youpi> so we can simply make lock return 0
<youpi> since there's no byte to lock?
<youpi> I don't remember whether you can lock unexistant bytes
<pinotree> indeed, if i change the libwibble unit test to use eg /tmp/foo,
  they pas
<pinotree> s