gdb thread ids

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-06-30

<braunr> hm, gdb isn't able to determine which thread is running when
  attaching to a process

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-02

<braunr> woah, now that's a weird message !
<braunr> when using gdb on a hanged ext2fs :
<braunr> Pid 938 has an additional task suspend count of 1; clear it? (y or
<braunr> when hanged, gdb thinks the target task is already being debugged
<braunr> no wonder why it's completely stuck
<braunr> hm, the task_suspend might actually be the crash-dump-core server
  attempting to create the core :/
<braunr> hm interesting, looks like a problem with the
  diskfs_catch_exception macro
<pinotree> braunr: what's up with it?
<braunr> pinotree: it uses setjmp
<braunr> hm random corruptions :/
<braunr> definitely looks like a concurrency problem

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-05-23

  internal-error: inferior_thread: Assertion `tp' failed.
<pinotree> arg
<tschwinge> pinotree: Been doing anything "special"?   Is it reproducible? 
<pinotree> trying to debug something
<tschwinge> Indeed.  ;-)
<pinotree> i'm not sure i'm doing anything special, just trying to attach a
<tschwinge> That is supposed to work.
<tschwinge> If the permission match.

gdb --pid [PID]

That is, not explicitly specifying an executable-file.

IRC, OFTC, debian-hurd, 2013-04-15

<paravoid> I don't seem to be able to run gdb
<paravoid> that happened on the buildd and happens on exodar too
<paravoid> #0  0x010c07cc in ?? ()
<paravoid> #1  0x010c1078 in ?? ()
<paravoid> #2  0x0109eabf in ?? ()
<paravoid> [...]
<paravoid> Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt
<paravoid> that's pid 24235 on exodar
<paravoid> I did gdb -p 24235 and then bt
<paravoid> just the output above
<youpi> I don't know about gdb -p
<youpi> I usually run gdb
<paravoid> okay, that indeed works 
<youpi> I guess the support for finding out the binary automatically wasn't
  done yet on hurd