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<youpi> you can hardcode DTV_OFFSET as 4 for now
<youpi> it's the offset of the dtv field in the tcbhead_t structure from hurd/libpthread
<tschwinge> youpi: May very well be that I'm misunderstanding something, but wouldn't it rather be the offset of tcb in __pthread + the offset of dtv in tcbhead_t (which indeed is 4)?
<youpi> what you don't know is that DTV_OFFSET is not relative to __pthread, but to the tls segment
<tschwinge> Oh, aha.  Thanks.
<youpi> and drepper abused the fact that in nptl __pthread appears at the start of the tls segment

kFreeBSD, glibc:

++#if 0
+ DTV_OFFSET                    offsetof(struct pthread,
++DTV_OFFSET                      offsetof(struct _pthread_descr_struct,