IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-03-28

<barrucadu> I've been going through the xmlfs code, and plan to have it
  monitor the backing store (xml file) for changes and update the presented
  directory hierarchy when something is changed; is there a better way to
  check a file for changes beyond checking its modification time every few
<tschwinge> barrucadu: In the Hurd spirit, you'd use file_notice_changes
<barrucadu> thanks
<youpi> we should manage to work out an inotify interface around it, btw
<pochu> like gamin?
<pinotree> imho making gamin work should gain all the fam-using
<pochu> (which, looking at the sources, seems to support hurd already, not
  sure why it's not built)
<pinotree> pochu: the hurd_notify of gamin does not build OOTB
<pochu> > /build/buildd/gamin-0.1.10/./libgamin/gam_data.c:476: error:
  'PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE' undeclared (first use in this function)
<pinotree> there are few patches in bugzilla to make it compile
<pochu> if they work, and you point me to them, I can upload a new gamin
  with them included
<pinotree> #315644, #588337. #605246
<pinotree> and iirc there's something else i have locally but not send yet
<pochu> please check and submit :)
<pinotree> ah no, those three contains all the build issues
<pinotree> .. plus relative proposed fixes
<pochu> ok, I'll try to get to it soonish
<pinotree> and you should know about two of them already ;D
<pochu> please remind me if I don't :)

Apparently fanotify is cosidered inotify's successor, so we might directly go supporting that one instead, or both. --tschwinge, 2011-05-10