IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-04-26

<guillem> pavkac: btw are you aware there's already some code to change the
  keymap for the mach console (I think originally from the hurdfr guys, but
  I cannot remember exactly from where I got it from :/)
<guillem> pavkac:
<pavkac> guillem: No, I didn't know. I'll diff it and try to follow.
<guillem> pavkac: it would be nice to maybe integrate it properly into the
<guillem> you'll see the code is pretty basic, so extending it would be
  nice too I guess :)
<pavkac> guillem: OK, I'll see to it. Unfortunately I'm quite busy this
  week. Have a lot of homeworks to school. :/
<pavkac> guillem: But, I'll find some time during weekend.
<youpi> maybe it'd be simpler to add it to the hurd package and use that
  from the console-setup package indeed
<youpi> but copyright issues should be solved
<youpi> unless we simply put this into hurdextras
<guillem> ok found this:
<guillem> and
<guillem> which seems to be the original Mark's code
<guillem> AFAIR I contributed the the spanish keymap and some additional
  key definitions for loadkeys
<guillem> and
<pavkac> I've fetched all. :) But I must leave, good night if you're in
  Europe. :)
<guillem> pavkac: the tarball I provided should be the latest, the others
  are mostly to track the provenance of the source