Issues when running Hurd under KVM: un-synced filesystems, etc. No problems with Virtualbox.

2010-07-28, #hurd

<youpi> pochu: you were the one reporting issues with qemu/kvm and hurd, right?
<youpi> is your machine somehow smp (like multicore for instance)
<youpi> ?
<pochu> youpi: yes, it's a Core 2 Duo
<pochu> so 2 cores
<youpi> ok, you might want to try to bind qemu/kvm
<youpi> e.g. install hwloc, and prepend "hwloc-bind 1 --" before the qemu/kvm command line 
<pochu> ok, ty

2010-07-31, GNU Mach commit 039176372b4271f370ef38eb2ee5d43923a5b28b.

KVM-on-KVM (nested KVM)

This seems sluggish like hell. suffers badly from it: it takes like an hour to complete the "Loading additional components" step.

It's actually slower than just running qemu-on-KVM.

This doesn't happen with Linux L2 guests.

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014