IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-08

<braunr> youpi: there is still quite a lot of I/O even for cached objects
<braunr> youpi: i strongly suspect these are for the metadata
<braunr> i.e. we don't have a "buffer cache", only a file cache
<braunr> (gnu is really not unix lol)
<youpi> doesn't ext2fs cache these?
<youpi> (as long as the corresponding object is cached
<youpi> )
<braunr> i didn't look too much, but if it does, it does a bad job
<braunr> i would guess it does, but possibly only writethrough
<youpi> iirc it does writeback
<youpi> there's a sorta "node needs written" flag somewhere iirc
<braunr> but that's for the files, not the metadata
<youpi> I mean the metadata of the node
<braunr> then i have no idea what happens