IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-21

<teythoon> grml... migs support for variable-length c strings is broken :(
<braunr> completely ..
<teythoon> no one told me :p
<braunr> noone dares
<teythoon> to tell me ?
<braunr> or anyone else ;p
<teythoon> ^^
<teythoon> root@debian:~# pkill mtab
<teythoon> task /hurd/procfs(19) �O�  deallocating an invalid port 1049744,
  most probably a bug.
<braunr> :)
<teythoon> it's still an improvement >,<
<teythoon> uh the joys...
<teythoon> gnu machs mig_strncpy behaves differently from glibcs
<teythoon> the mach version always 0-terminates the target string, the libc
  variant does not
<teythoon> which one should i "fix" ?
<braunr> strncpy should behave like strncpy
<teythoon> not according to the documentation in gnumach...
<braunr> people who know it expect it not to always null terminate
<braunr> you can either fix mig_strncpy, or call it mig_strlcpy