I'd be quite helpful to have nightly builds in form of Debian .deb packages.

  • http://noone.org/talks/vcs-buildd/ (german)

  • Need to have an automation to get from Hurd upstream Git branches to a branch usable in Debian.

    IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-12-18:

    <teythoon> http://darnassus.sceen.net/~teythoon/hurd-ci/ has hurd and
      mig and gnumach packages built directly from the upstream git

There is infrastructure available to test whole OS installations.

Debian Cross Toolchain for cross-building?

See also nightly builds.

Debian Jenkins Instance

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-24

<pere> hi.  can hurd be installed using d-i?  If so, what about scripting
  the installation on <URL:
  http://jenkins.debian.net/view/g-i-installation/ >?
<gnu_srs> pere: d-i works for Hurd, yes, with full graphical interface I
  dunno. Maybe you can ask about scripting in #hurd, more people are
  present there?
<pere> gnu_srs: the scripts in questions are for jenkins.  quite easy to
  write (d-i preseed scripts and qemu boot rules).

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-25

<pere> getting a automated test in jenkins running could show the status.
  what is needed to boot the hurd d-i image with a preseed file using qemu?
<pere> git://git.debian.org/git/users/holger/jenkins.debian.net.git is the
  repo with the jenkins build rules.
<pere> youpi: is it possible to start the hurd d-i installer with a preseed
  file from the qemu command line?  --append need --kernel, which I suspect
  do not make sense with hurd?
<pere> can the d-i hurd installer take a preseed file at all?  my initial
  try failed. :(
<teythoon> i don't know
<teythoon> there has been talk here the other day about using qemus
  multiboot capabilities to directly boot the hurd


For d-i purposes, you'll additionally need:

$ wget https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/stable/hurd-i386/initrd.gz

..., and to the --initrd option prepend 'initrd.gz $(ramdisk-create)', before the ext2fs.static, and refer the latter to gunzip:device:rd0 instead of device:hd0s1.

<pere> I tried adding an url= option to grub when booting the installer,
  but it seem to be ignored.
<pere> perhaps the preseed udeb is missing, or the network support was
  enabled after preseed looked for the file?
<teythoon> uh, i don't know about that stuff, youpi creates the d-i images
<pere> ok.  seem to me that the d-i images do not support preseeding at the
<teythoon> youpi: ^ did you succeed? if so, can you share how?
<pere> teythoon: nope, I concluded it didn't work, and left it to other to
  fix. :)
<youpi> pere, teythoon: IIRC preseeding can be put on the gnumach kernel
  command line
<youpi> but I'm wondering why you can't simply modify the disk image into
  doing what you want
<youpi> or you mean reinstalling the image each time?
<pere> youpi: the point is testing the installer, and that can only be done
  by using the installer. :)
<youpi> ok
<pere> I would like to see something like <URL:
  > for hurd.

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-26

* gg0 setting up jenkins, almost time to give up
<pere> gg0: why do you set up jenkins?
<gg0> because i want to fail at doing all things, not just something ;)
<gg0> oops seems my setup just sent emails to jenkins+debian-qa
  holger@layer-acht.org :/
<pere> #debian-qa will understand. :)

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-28

<pere> gg0: are you able to feed the installer one of the preseed files at
  <URL: http://jenkins.debian.net/d-i-preseed-cfgs/ >?
<gg0> though jenking translates double quotes, need to escape the world
<pere> debian_sid_daily_lxde_preseed.cfg seem like a good candiate. :)
<gg0> pere: i'm working on that, stuck at working around that mandatory
  double quote
<gg0> *initrd double quote
<gg0> ok got a g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde able to boot
<gg0> let's provide a preseed
<gg0> shouldn't there be some info/debug consoles from tty 2 to 4?
<youpi> there should be
<gg0> maybe i can't send alt+NUM from vlc
<youpi> ah, yes
<youpi> you need to use the menu for that
<youpi> press f8
<gg0> great
<gg0> (found out C+A+{1,2,3} give interesting monitor,serial,parallel
  consoles btw)
<gg0> not much options on menu
<gg0> just clipboard management, quit, full screen, send ctrl-alt-del, send
* gg0 takes "great" back
<gg0> i guess it depends on vnc implementation
<gg0> don't ask me how i found out one can switch console with
  ... left/right arrow keys
<youpi> without alt pressed?
<gg0> without alt pressed
<youpi> I've already seen that with qemu, when focusing into/out from the
  qemu window by using alt
<youpi> somehow the alt state gets stuck
<gg0> so you mean if i close viewer then reattach it, it doesn't happen
  anymore? let's see
<gg0> you're right
<gg0> though yes alt+left/right switches consoles
<youpi> the last is expected :)
<gg0> it says kbd-udeb doesn't exist so it falls back to
<youpi> that's not a problem
<gg0> no partman-auto?
<youpi> it should be working
<gg0> i meant if it was installed but yes it gets it along with others

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-01

<gg0> partman-auto would need to be patched to be able to discover
  available disks
<gg0> worked around by forcing /dev/hd1, jenkins creates disk with index=1
<gg0> stuck at installation-report installed. seems it can't manage to
  umount(then remount) /cdrom gracefully
<gg0> or better it gets stuck at apt-cdrom ident
<gg0> something like https://bugs.debian.org/598457

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-02

<gg0> youpi: any chance to have monthly/weekly (daily would be too much i
  guess) isos/images? can i help somehow?
<youpi> I am wondering why having that
<youpi> since we have up-to-date mirrors
<gg0> i'd say to install with latest installer/gnumach/hurd/eglibc 
<youpi> so that means also rebuilding the d-i image
<gg0> and in general to not have to manually produce them
<pere> youpi: the point is to automatically test the current images using
  jenkins.debian.net, I believe.  for that to work, current images need to
  exist. :)
<gg0> not only. i think saving youpi's time is also important
<youpi> gg0: it doesn't really take me much time to generate images
<youpi> it's about a few command lines to start, and then work on something
  else :)
<gg0> well though it still requires manual intervention which is not
  scheduled and also error prone btw
<youpi> gg0: I guess the most important help you could provide would be to
  actually track when the autobuild breaks :)
<gg0> what pros keeping it manual? i don't think disk space saving
<youpi> it's not really a question of manual, but the frequency
<youpi> I prefer to test manually before uploading something on my
  somehow-official directory on people, anyway
<youpi> but that doesn't mean we can't have weekly builds somewhere else
<youpi> it's just that for tests it's good to have several images backlog,
  but then it takes disk
<gg0> well we could keeping "official" ones + say 6 monthly and say 4
* gg0 randomizes retention
<gg0> -ing
<teythoon> gg0: check out my hurdtest program
<teythoon> it updates qemu images automatically, and runs a test suite,
  creates snapshots
<gg0> youpi: you'd just take actually care of official ones
<teythoon> and it can zero-fill the disk images to compact them for
<youpi> gg0: and have a cron for the others
<youpi> on mirror.ftp-master
<gg0> nice, we already have a disk image generator then
<teythoon> i shall clean it up and merge stuff that i have changed locally
<teythoon> i covered it in my early blog posts
<teythoon> i use it extensively to test the packages from hurd-ci
<gg0> great. so usually at this point /me can't do anything so good work!
<youpi> crontabs are in place, scheduled on monday mornings
<youpi> I have already completed a run, can be seen in weekly-0
<gg0> great!
<gg0> assuming it will work forever without maintenance, how many minutes
  you'll save per month? :)
<youpi> I don't think that'll save me time per month
<youpi> since it's just an additional thing
<gg0> youpi: so weekly-0 will always be the latest weekly (same about
  monthly) ?
<youpi> yes
<gg0> how about adding -YYYYMMDD after -1 CD/DVD/NETINST number?
<youpi> that'd mean more scripting
<gg0> just to distinguish them
<youpi> we already have timestamps from the server
<gg0> unfortunately i can't script myself, i can suggest though :)
<gg0> or scripts are available somewhere?
<gg0> so current/ should be a link to weekly-0?
<youpi> on mirror.ftp-master.debian.org, but I guess you don't have access
  to it
<youpi> no
<youpi> definitely no
<youpi> the point of current/ is to have something tested
<gg0> ok
<youpi> while weekly/monthly are most probably to get broken
<youpi> so let's not point people at that
<gg0> same story about diskimage? how do you generate them?
<gg0> how about teythoon's way?
<youpi> I do it by hand at the moment, but scripts would be welcome indeed
<youpi> http://people.debian.org/~sthibault/hurd-i386/debian-hurd.img.txt
<gg0> ok now stuck at grub install

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-03

<gg0> i probably should force /dev/hd0 as i did for /dev/hd0s1 as root
<gg0> if it's possible
<youpi> what do you mean by forcing /dev/hd0s1 as root device ?
<youpi> you shouldn't have to do that
<youpi> my fear is that these additional images will mostly just bring
  additionnal reports
<gg0> i had to specify it in preseed
<youpi> which won't really decrease the amount of work
<gg0> as partman-auto/disk
<gg0> it can recognize available disks
<gg0> that's also because it can't list root partitions on rescue mode
<youpi> well, all I can say without having (again) to spend time on it, is
  that you're not supposed to have to do that
<youpi> why are you using rescue mode?
<youpi> if it can't list root partitions, then of course partman can't work
<gg0> well, rescue mode should work
<youpi> if you delve into non-tested parts of d-i, you'll surely encounter
<youpi> well, less "should" than plain "d-i"
<youpi> in that I've never really tested it
<youpi> so don't be surprised that some bugs remain
<gg0> no problem
<youpi> but again, we don't really need  more bug reports
<youpi> but rather bug fixing
<youpi> we already have enough to fix, no need to delve into advanced
<gg0> sure, i'm just trying to make it work with all its limitations
<gg0> it autopartition the disk well, it can't just make one choose among
  disks because it can't probe and list them
<youpi> then fix the probe & list
<gg0> i'd like doing it, i'm better at working around for now though :)
<gg0> one blocker is mount/umount stuff


<youpi> well, you'll have to get into fixing bugs for real someday
<youpi> otherwise this is just adding to TODO lists
<youpi> what mount/umount stuff?
<gg0> (took a quick look at partconf)
<gg0> non-existent mount.h for instance
<gg0> do we have replacements?
<youpi> not that I know of
<gg0> 21:53 < teythoon> gnu_srs1: i put a small hacks entry in the list
  about moving the mount/umount functionality from our utilities to the
<youpi> ok
<gg0> another thing i'd really like to see would be a physical shutdown,
  halt-hurd which actually poweroffs the system
<gg0> how to switch to sysvinit by default? next sysvinit upload?
<youpi> physical shutdown means implementing APM or ACPI
<gg0> have to teach jenkins it can shut it down :/
<youpi> I'm extremely far from having the will for this
<youpi> switching to sysvinit by default is a matter of saying that we want
  to do it
<youpi> I already asked for this on the list without answer IIRC 
<gg0> i can't find anything
<youpi> anyway, just propose on the list
<gg0> d-i grub-installer/bootdev string /dev/hd0 - here it is
<gg0> next run should not need any interaction, though it needs 20 mins to
  understand it has to destroy it and run won't be successful :/
<gg0> due to missing acpi/apm
<gg0> first graphical automated install http://postimg.org/image/vgagj06q7/
<gg0> it seems 720x400
<gg0> though jenkins passes video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=788
<gg0> by reconnecting it switched to 800x600
<gg0> but seems stuck now and i can't even switch from graphical to
<gg0> unusually stuck at scanning cdrom
<gg0> i'll check text install to see if it gets stuck there too
<gg0> text install switches from 720x400 to 640x400
<gg0> i confirm it gets stuck on scanning cdrom, i guess because of this
  one https://bugs.debian.org/728153 which already broke load-install-cd i
  already had to workaround
<pere> gg0: are you in contact with h01ger to update jenkins.debian.net
  with your cool installation code?
<gg0> pere: still trying to have something working
<gg0> plus with new weekly cd, apt-cdrom bug makes install getting stuck at
  first Scanning cdrom:
<gg0> 03:44 < gg0> i confirm it gets stuck on scanning cdrom, i guess
  because of this one https://bugs.debian.org/728153 which already broke
  load-install-cd i already had to workaround
<youpi> do we really need the CD-1 image in weekly builds?
<gg0> just netinst?
<youpi> yes
<gg0> well, i don't know debian installer well. what's the difference
  between CD and NETINST besides that CD has more packages user doesn't
  need to download?
<gg0> has CD anything not in NETINST which is worth to continously test?
  (talking about jenkins)
<youpi> that's only it, yes
<gg0> btw new ACPI on hurd consists of serial console to file + looping
  grep "In tight loop: hit ctl-alt-del to reboot" && kill qemu
<gg0> anything better?
<gg0> filed http://bugs.debian.org/740673
<gg0> without a patch just to express my great laziness :p
<youpi> well, I'm afraid nobody in the debian-boot team will attempt
  anything at this
<youpi> is it reproducible on linux?
<gg0> nope
<gg0> my guess is that's due to udev, need a deeper check btw
<gg0> i mean non-udev cases like hurd maybe are not handled well
<youpi> maybe try on kfreebsd then?
<gg0> just guessing
* gg0 trying on kfreebsd

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-04

<gg0> hurd install started getting stuck running os-prober, final grub
  install phase
<gg0> youpi: yes i confirm it affects kfreebsd too
<youpi> then please say so in the bug
<youpi> otherwise most probably but me in the debian-boot team will care
<youpi> +nobody
<gg0> that might get more attention from d-boot team?
<gg0> ok
<youpi> also Cc debian-bsd@
<youpi> they will care
<youpi> and tell about the hint as being the non-udev case
<youpi> too much information or ideas is never a bad thing :)
<gg0> done
<gg0> (now i know notfound does remove found versions instead of adding
  notfound versions)
<gg0> crazy things. to unblock os-prober i had to settrans -fg
<gg0> it was mounting /dev/hd0s1 ...
<gg0> i suspect apt-cdrom is to blame again
<gg0> ok now jenkins just managed to start the installed system
<gg0> and it's configured to make vncdo testing it
<gg0> i'd need a graphical-working cd with old-apt to continue
<gg0> let's try to install old apt on weekly-0
<gg0> "cdrom drive contains a cd which cannot be used for installation"
<gg0> i think a sort of non-authenticated anymore
<gg0> ehm.. http://paste.debian.net/plain/85224/
<pere> gg0: nice. :)
<gg0> with apt which should be good
<gg0> pere: it did mount /dev/hd0s1 under /media/cdrom0
<gg0>, correctly i think, asks to insert it cdrom. but finally
  both mount /dev/hd0s1 instead of /dev/hd2
<gg0> -it
<gg0> cause they both can't detect where cdrom is i guess

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-04

<gg0> we could talk about apt-cdrom https://bugs.debian.org/740673
<gg0> how should system recognize cdrom device?
<gg0> there's no /dev/cdrom link to actual cdrom device
<gg0>  /dev/cd[01] are scsi devices if i'm not wrong

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-05

<gg0> installer gets stuck running os-prober, seems because
  /target/proc/mounts gets unreadable, sometimes Resource lost sometimes it
  gets stuck reading it


<gg0> youpi: could you publish script to rebuild CDs you scheduled? with
  last official CD (20140212) mtab on /target dies and that seems getting
  os-prober stuck. last (and only) weekly has recent apt-cdrom so it gets
  stuck wrongly asking to change cdrom
<youpi> see the readme file
<youpi> err, you say it's the 0212 build which fails?
<youpi> I had tested that before uploading
<youpi> so the issue comes form the installed packages, not from the CD
<youpi> did you test with no network mirror?
<gg0> no i didn't. should it find all packages it needs from cd?
<youpi> sure, that's what netinst and dvd-1 are, as opposed to netboot
<gg0> lxde desktop probably not
<youpi> indeed
<youpi> though with the dvd in principle it should
<youpi> (if all deps were avaijlable at image build time)
<youpi> gg0: btw if you haven't noticed, there's a daily too
<gg0> youpi: till apt-cdrom is not fixed, they all will be broken, stuck at
  "Scanning cdrom"
<youpi> gg0: did you try to bisect which git change produces the apt-cdrom
<gg0> youpi: all in bug in question
<gg0> youpi: https://bugs.debian.org/740673
<youpi> is there the precise git commit id in the bug log?
<youpi> well, don't tell that to just me, but the bug report...
<gg0> bug report says "See <bug>" where bug is
<youpi> gg0: bug report doesn't say it was *tested* that it is that changes
  which broke things
<gg0> i don't think we could get it reverted just because it breaks hurd
  (+kfreebsd to check) debian installer
<youpi> of course, but that's at least where developers can have a look at
<gg0> well ok i could have been more clear
<youpi> it's *WAY* better than having no idea where to have a look at
<youpi> gg0: btw, that's why the README file advises not to use a network
  mirror, to avoid such kind of issues
<youpi> you can't expect sid not to be not-broken :)
<gg0> one gets Resource lost even when install is just started, no packages
  from any mirror
<gg0> https://bugs.debian.org/740673#19

* gg0 installing without mirrors, without desktop, without lxde
<gg0> same problem
<gg0> so problem has nothing to do with installing from mirrors
<youpi> what's odd is that I don't get this issue at all with the 20140212
  upload at least
<youpi> kvm -cdrom debian-7.0-hurd-i386-NETINST-1.iso -drive
  file=blip,cache=unsafe -m 1G
<youpi> no more, no less
<gg0> it must depend on preseed and/or kernel append options
<youpi> possibly
<gg0> oh wait here qemu multiboot
<youpi> that shouldn't have any impact
<gg0> 5€ on qemu multiboot as the culprit
<gg0> you should also see it sometimes double-mounts /dev/hd0s1 under
  /target and /target/./media/cdrom(!)
<gg0> but that's due to new apt it in-targets (= installs under /target)

<gg0> any luck reproducing mtab issue?
<youpi> still not


IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-06

<youpi>  http://paste.debian.net/85535/
<youpi> no issue
<youpi> (no network mirror)
<gg0> full install till grub-installer?
<youpi> yes
<youpi> and reboot
<gg0> -append 'auto=true mirror/suite=sid console=com0 priority=critical
  locale=en_US keymap=us
  video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=788 -- quiet'
<gg0> i should provide preseed too
<youpi> well, of course
<youpi> always provide as much information as possible
<youpi> so there's also your preseed file
<gg0> not much different from
<gg0> but you need to force a couple of things + ugly workaround for broken
  apt-cdrom ident
<youpi> well, I didn't even know that jenkins had that pressed file
<youpi> well, here apt-cdrom is not needed
<youpi> +hacks
<youpi> since that's the old image we're checking
<gg0> well ok, given you take everything from cd only, yes
<gg0> here no mirror, no desktop, no lxde
<gg0> i'm trying this one too
<gg0> main difference seems to be i usually use CD-1, not NETINST
<gg0> had to add -net nic,vlan=0 -net
<gg0> here target mtab is already crashed
<gg0> because some package already tried to read /target/proc/mounts
<gg0> youpi: reproduced there?
<gg0> .o(well, maybe he's been sleeping for ~50 mins)
<youpi> nope, I'm working on upgrading servers
<youpi> I'm sorry, but your testcase is not really easy to reproduce :)
<gg0> do you have apache on your host? just put preseed in the root, vm
  will take it
<gg0> full command line is what you pasted + -net nic,vlan=0 -net
<gg0> what else? when it starts debstrapping, open a console and check
  procfs and mtab processes
<gg0> err, what you paster + -append i pasted + -net nic,vlan=0 -net
<gg0> *pasted
<gg0> which is http://paste.debian.net/plain/85554/
<gg0> surely keyboard layout doesn't help, here at least
* gg0 tries to reproduce without preseed
<gg0> i can't reproduce it
<gg0> it doesn't crash
* gg0 enabling all options but preseed
<gg0> need to wait 31% of Installing base system to have the second procfs
<gg0> ok got Resource lost even without preseed
<gg0> youpi: you can reproduce it by adding -append console=com0 to what
  you pasted. that breaks grub-installer, it gets stuck at 66%, while runs
<youpi> ah
<gg0> how can that affect /target/proc/mounts?
<youpi> no idea
<gg0> couldn't daily be here? http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/
<youpi> if I knew how to push files there, sure
<gg0> asking on #debian-boot would be a starting point i guess
<youpi> probably
<gg0> me asking on behalf of youpi would not a good one i think, given
  whatever will the answer i can't do anything
<gg0> +be
<youpi> you can still trasmit me
<youpi> never understimate the little time you can save other people by
  doing some bits of work
<gg0> well, i would not even have to repaste lines here given you joined
  there too
<gg0> never understimate what "help with laziness" means :)
<youpi> not necessarily repasting, but at least highlighting me
<youpi> so I know where to read in the #d-b logs
<gg0> there are no isos there, i'm missing something
<youpi> there are no daily isos
<youpi> only weekly isos
<gg0> so seems i have to reask initial question with this url
<gg0> oh wait they are from testing, that's why no hurd ones
<gg0> i guess they could be here though
* gg0 asking on #debian-cd
* gg0 would ignore non-DD gg0 asking whatever
<youpi> people don't really ask themselves who is a DD and who is not
<youpi> as long as you provide information in your question, it'll get
<gg0> teythoon: interested in reproducing mtab-dying-under-chroot?
<gg0> oh just realized it's not only under a chroot, chroot is on another
  disk. might that make the difference?
<gg0> i didn't try to reproduce it by creating a chroot on a different
  disk, which is what installer does
* gg0 wonders if it would have been better filing a bug against
<gg0> if no one fixes console=com0 thing, i have to think about a new acpi
<gg0> ok managed to workaround apt bug in installer, i can graphically
  install last weekly
<gg0> no console=com0 means no vm shutdown though
<pere> gg0: wow.  impressed!
<gg0> patching CI to make CI workaround bugs CI spots is not so good
<gg0> any idea about another shutdown trick without console=com0 till
  teythoon or youpi fix it?
<pere> nope
<gg0> current one: vm writes serial console to file and host loops grepping
  "In tight loop: hit ctl-alt-del to reboot"
<gg0> -watchdog might be an alternative
<gg0> if there are watchdog agents that can run on hurd
<gg0> "watchdog" for instance doesn't build on hurd
<pere> it need kernel support
* gg0 testing -add-fd

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-07

<gg0> teythoon: just mounted an additional fs, it's mounted but not present
  in proc/mounts
<braunr> gg0: how did you mount it ?
<gg0> i was under /root, sid-chroot is the mountpoint. i did mount /dev/hd3
  sid-chroot (relative path)
<braunr> does fsysopts confirm a new translator is running on sid-chroot ?
<gg0> i shut down vm, working on another one by mounting the same disk
  which hosts a debchroot
<gg0> i'm trying to reproduce the mtab-dying-on-chroot issue i get with
  debian installer
<gg0> at the end, os-prober gets stuck by reading /target/proc/mounts
  (target is the installed system)
<gg0> to be precise it gets stuck at second access. at first it gives
  Resource lost
<gg0> didn't manage to reproduce so far
<gg0> environment is pretty the same: booting with qemu multiboot
<gg0> so root on initrd + chroot on real disk 
<gg0> what's weird is that issue vanishes by removing console=com0 from
  -append options

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-08

<gg0> os-prober doesn't get stuck anymore and grub can install
<gg0> my guess is that without console=com0 /target/proc/mounts is just
  accessed once

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-08

<gg0> youpi: from #debian-cd http://paste.debian.net/plainh/559f669b
<gg0> any quick way to recreate initrd?
<teythoon> gg0: i'm working on that
<gg0> teythoon: that what?
<teythoon> gg0: there is genext2fs, i have some patches that allows one to
  create nodes with passive translator records
<gg0> recreating initrd?
<teythoon> yes
<teythoon> in the meantime, you can mount the existing initrd and modify it
<gg0> well i'm following this one to rebuild whole cd then take an updated
  initrd to test with your repo
<gg0> http://people.debian.org/~sthibault/hurd-i386/installer/README-d-i
<gg0> probably too much work to get that
<gg0> copying current /hurd to new initrd would be enough?
<youpi> just copy the precise translator you need
<youpi> also, no need to rebuild the whole cd just to replace the initrd
<youpi> simply copy the content of an existing is
<youpi> iso
<youpi> replace the initrd.gz there
<youpi> and then use grub-mkrescue to rebuild the ios
<youpi> development would be horrible if you had to rebuild everything from
  zero everytime
<youpi> first thing to do when developping is first take the time to find
  ways to work efficiently
<youpi> unfortunately I had to apply some patches
<youpi> first in d-i because isc-dhcp doens't work -> use the debian-ports
<youpi> then in d-i to automatically enable the debian-ports mirror
<youpi> and last in the debian-cd to include debian-ports-archive-keyring

<gg0> anything missing here?
<gg0> mini.iso doesn't like any mirror
<gg0> "mirror does not support the specified release"
<gg0> something wrong/missing in my rebuilt
<gg0> youpi: anything wrong in http://paste.debian.net/plain/86258 ?
<gg0> i have/had problems with name resolution
<youpi> gg0: the patch makes sense for -bsd too, Cc them too
<gg0> i was wondering how many hunks in your patches are upstreamable
<youpi> normally it's zero
<gg0> why "release" instead on "main" by default? sid is never released
<youpi> only because my mirror directory is hacked one
<youpi> that merges debian.org, debian-ports.org, and my repo
<youpi> and I don't rebuild Release files, just Packages files
<gg0> i keep getting gpgv: BAD signature from "Debian Archive Automatic
  Signing Key (7.0/Wheezy) <ftpmaster@debian.org>
<gg0> just before creating debootstrap chroot
<gg0> i applied hunk #2 only, installed modified debootstrap and put debs
  under localdebs/
<gg0> trying a different mirror
<youpi> I don't know what issue you are encountering
<youpi> but again, it's way simpler and faster to just patch existing
  images, rather than rebuilding them from zero
<gg0> ok just read i'd need a local mirror to build isos
<gg0> better using netinst and proxy cache

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-09

<gg0> teythoon: shouldn't there be a patch which shows pid instead of task?
<gg0> 20:43 < teythoon> task /hurd/procfs(19) <EF><BF><BD>O<EF><BF><BD>
  deallocating an invalid port 1049744, most probably a bug.
<teythoon> there is
<teythoon> i placed the functionality in proc first, but the wiki suggested
  to put it in the exec server instead
<teythoon> i did that, it has the advantage, that the argv vector is easily
<teythoon> so i can also include the program name
<teythoon> but there are two programs, that are not started using the exec
<teythoon> the root filesystem and the exec server itself
<teythoon> so for these two processes, the approach does not work
<gg0> i see. so here we got two which could come from
  ext2fs.static(initrd), exec(initrd) and ext2fs(chroot)
  http://postimg.org/image/e3qyafd0b/ right?
<gg0> i also noticed that once mtab dies, by killing its procfs parent,
  they both restart, but /target/proc is not in /proc/mounts anymore
<youpi> teythoon: for those we could use the first word of the module
  command line
<gg0> restart doesn't means that by accessing /target/proc/mounts again it
  works btw, it'll give Resource lost again
<teythoon> youpi: indeed
<teythoon> gg0: no, the ext2fs for /target will be started by the exec
<gg0> ok two invalid ports one from ext2fs.static and one exec then
<teythoon> gg0: what makes you attribute one to the exec server ?
<teythoon> i'm pretty sure that there is a bug in libfshelp, it's easily
  triggered by killing an translator like procfs
<teythoon> i must have introduced it with the translator list work i've
  done for the mtab translator
<gg0> teythoon: a totally wrong task-is-a-process reasoning probably
<gg0> just mounted another procfs which seems to work
<gg0> http://postimg.org/image/q6w9xzo2j/
<teythoon> gg0: the mtab translators in your screenshots are oldish, what's
  the point exactly ?
<teythoon> gg0: also, all tasks are processes. task is a mach concept,
  whereas process is a posix concept implemented by hurds proc server. it
  creates a process object for every mach task.
<gg0> my guess was that given we got two messages with different taskid:
<gg0> 16:01 < gg0> ok two invalid ports one from ext2fs.static and one exec
<gg0> screenshot is this one http://postimg.org/image/e3qyafd0b/
<gg0> btw what do you mean by oldish. except first one 01:18 < gg0>
  http://postimg.org/image/oca8ormaj/ the only with current debian
  packages, remaining are done with your latest packages
<gg0> in all cases i boot using qemu multiboot
<gg0> root@hurd01:~# cat /proc/version 
<gg0> Linux version 2.6.1 (GNU 0.5 GNU-Mach 1.4-486-dbg/Hurd-0.5
<gg0> it wouldn't be bad customizing version somehow, last commit id for
<gg0> or build date
<gg0> user01@jessie01 ~$ cat /proc/version 
<gg0> Linux version 3.11-2-686-pae (debian-kernel@lists.debian.org) (gcc
  version 4.8.2 (Debian 4.8.2-7) ) #1 SMP Debian 3.11.10-1 (2013-12-04)
<gg0> user01@jessie01 ~$ uname -v
<gg0> #1 SMP Debian 3.11.10-1 (2013-12-04)

IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-10

<gg0> tschwinge: i just meant Debian Jenkins provides (hopefully for hurd
  too) continuos testing of debian installer, it doesn't produce .debs